Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and so it is...

Sometimes you just have "those" days... Those days where you just don't want to think positive, you don't want to count your blessings, you refuse to change your attitude.
So that was me.
Instead of writing on here. For the world to see. For some of those innocent people who were caught in my bad day. I chose to write in a different place. A private book only I know exists.
To write my feelings down in a place only I can see. I'm so open, so public. I do that because I know others relate. I know even if you don't feel the exact same you can understand these feelings. I do that so I can go back and read how I sorted out my emotions.  Weird to have actually written it down. I was writing so fast and with such emotion it really looks like a page of scribble. You can barely read what I wrote. But it was necessary because it was even more unreasonable, horrible, shocking, how dare you even think that... kind of stuff! really!
So today. I guess I'm a bit better. It took everything out of me yesterday so now I'm sleepy.
I have now come back with a little different perspective.
I have taken a breath and I am ready to start writing without the horribleness that was me yesterday.

*side note, it can really be refreshing to get all your thoughts and feelings on paper and name names, say bad words and write some not very appropriate things when its just for yourself and no one else. I think ill be doing that more.*

Onto the real post. My post about the wonder mint of our life.

A whole lot of studying math is all I have to say. Only 1 more week of the semester!!!
I have a week break before summer semester starts and ill be living up that week to its fullest!
However, next semester will give me more time at home and more time doing things other than homework so ill be back to more of my domesticated self, ie: baking seven layer cakes, choreographing a future so you think you can dance performance,  writing novels, pressing all of my husbands clothes each morning sending him off to work full of eggs, bacon and grits with his paper bag lunch in tow,  just to name a few...
No bits on the house. Seriously. Please pray for it to sell.
We are having a HUGE yard sale on May 7th. Please come. Bring everyone you know. We need to sell everything. Its going to a good cause. Someday ill share what its benefiting ;)
Ryan and I are going on a diet. blah. I'm sure it will last less than 24 hours but we will try.
I have been doing more crafts (part of my--- JUST DO--- project)
I am getting a new hair straightener.. I'm sure you could give a whole-lota poo about that but I'm so excited since my cheetah print straighter decided to die a miserable death- in my hair.
My latest obsession... don't throw up.... seaweed! I have bought it by the bag and eating it like potato chips. Ryan wont kiss me for days after. (kinda part of the diet right?)
Well on our way to Kenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event!!! So many change of plans but thankfully its all still falling into place. Concert in the park- July 22- BE THERE.
We are painting our stairs this weekend. gag- I hate painting- but maybe that's what will get this place sold
Ryan is supper busy at work. Long days. Poor boy only sleeps when he gets home. I haven't been home much (preparing for finals) so I haven't been able to coddle the poor boy.
So ready for sun. I'm done with snow and rain.
My white skin needs some color. 
I cant wait for camping, boating, hiking, pool parties, patio seating, picnics... outside...

and that is all. PEACE.


the Sorensen's said...

Where is your house listed for sale at? I'd love to see pictures... Have you thought of renting it for now?

Ashley said...

Good luck with finals! And I really hope your house sales!


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