Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 year - 365 days

That day did come.
1 year.
1 year since she has been back in Gods arms.
1 year since she has been in my arms.
The day wasn't much different than the others until later. 
After the hustle and bustle of our "to do's"
Once those minutes hit.
Those minutes before.
When everything about last year came back. 
More clear than I have ever remembered.

bedazzling her headstone
big flowers
random toys
snow/white themed

balloon release while the sun was still shining on Makenzie Christmas
-December 12-

wish lantern "star" release at 5:25 on December 13

the last moments on earth
in her moms arms
with family around
being told how much they love you
a room full of angels
the most beautiful, the most special ones
holding you tight
letting you give your mom and dad a kiss goodbye
but staying close
to make sure we were okay
finally being able to breathe
finally being able to move
knowing all
being torn between us wanting you here and knowing where you need to go know
being welcomed by God
on dec 13 2009

remembering everything
feeling her in my arms
feeling that weight
feeling a warmth around you
being surrounded by family
sending off "stars"
for the 5 months you were in our life
more than missing
but knowing you are where you should be
held by God
on dec 13 2010

we lite the sky


brigette said...

You made her day so special!! I hope it was gentle on you!! I know kenzie was so proud looking down!!! I hope you felt her near!!!

Andrea said...

I honestly cannot say it better than brigette. :) HUGS!

Devon said...

I am going to echo brigette too. Hugs and love as well.

Anonymous said...

I know Kenzie loved the lanterns and everything else you and Ryan do to remember her, to celebrate her life, and to show your love. She is smiling down on you. I love you and Ryan so much and I love your beautiful little sweet girl. Love and {{{hugs}}} Auntie M

debbie said...

These last two posts were amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your light and Kenzie's light. She has the best parents ever!!

The Johnson Crew said...

Beautiful Kendra! What an amazing way to celebrate a beautiful angel. I am glad you made it! I am grateful for your strength and courage through this trial. I too believe Kenzie is very proud and amazed at her two wonder parents. The Lanterns were awesome!
Lots of love

Shawna said...

I echo what the others have said -- you have done so many wonderful things and have so many great celebrations/remembrance days for Kenzie and for other angel babies. What a wonderful way to spend your time Kendra. I was thinking of you from 5:00 - 5:30 and praying that you were doing okay. I'm glad do see the wonderful way you were spending that time.

Emma said...

Kendra and Ryan, incredible. what an incredible way to celebrate such a special life. I love how you "lit the sky" with the lanterns and please know that Kenzie is still lighting the world with her story, with her courage, with her love-all through the two of you.
Thank you for sharing such a special day with 'us', I hope you felt her love and the peace you gave to her wrap you up even more today than every before. Love and hugs,Em

Andrea said...

beautiful. thanks for sharing and i can't wait to hear about the leggins project.

Mike and Jenna said...

I have been thinking alot about you this week. Know you are in my heart and prayers, I am sure many many others as well. You are such a amazing person, both you and Ryan are just amazing. That looks like it was a incredible night. Kenzie's story will never end. She inspires me and other people all over the world again and again. Thank you so so so much for sharing this with all of us. xoxoxo

Alerie said...

Such a beautiful and special way to honor one beautiful and special little girl!! I love the way you lit the sky. Always thinking of you and Ryan and praying for you too. Much love!!

Tara Bennett said...

Oh Kendra, it was a perfect way to spend the day -- filled with light and love and remembering and HOPE. I thought of you and prayed for you every single second that day and of course you, Ryan and Kenzie are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love you.

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

I cant think of a more beautiful way of remembering her! brought me to tears! I love the video so beautiful! You guys are always in my prayers Kendra, I hope that you know that!


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