Sunday, December 26, 2010

twas the night before christmas....

twas the night before christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring - other than our mouse (harley)

the stockings were hung from the shelf with care, in hopes that saint nicholas would soon be there.

last year there were no decorations, no real christmas cheer, the night before was spent in a fog.
the presents weren't really thoughtful because we really couldn't think. we went through the motions but never really experienced any of the real christmas.

On this silent holy night
as i hold this precious child
there are no words for this moment
heaven and earth meet in my arms tonight
he is mine
and yet he is gods
sleep now
sleep my son
sleep in peace

First Lullaby-Silent Night by Hilary Weeks

Have you ever heard this song?
My sister made me a Christmas CD last year while we were in the hospital with Kenzie. 
The night of Makenzie's Christmas we put this song on repeat.
I remember sitting there holding my baby.
Hearing these words.
Knowing she is already an angel and in a few short hours she would no longer be in my arms.
She would soon be back in heaven.
It was one of the most amazing moments to sit there knowing I am holding the closest thing to 
God right now.
As much as I miss her, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the life I had with her.
I have been so Thankful to Jesus Christ for giving us this day,
A day that lets me know I will be with her again. I will get to hold my baby.
He was born for us.
As much as I don't understand so much of this life, this world, this purpose - I know there is a plan and there is a reason. He gave us a way back home.

I wanted this Christmas so be so different than any other. I didn't want to worry so much about gifts, what we "wanted", the frustration of all the to do's, the hussell and bussell. I just wanted to feel. I wanted  to feel my Makenzie, I wanted to feel Jesus. I wanted to feel this Christmas.

On Chritmas Eve we went to the amazing Christmas Concert at the The Cathedral of the Madeleine.
I felt like I was in a room of angels. The music was incredible. I have never heard anything like it before. I prayed just about the whole time. I prayed for Jesus, I prayed for God, I prayed for Makenzie. 
It was an amazing feeling through the whole night.

We came home and decided to sleep downstairs. 
This time last year we were still sleeping on the floor or air mattress in the front room. I couldn't go in our room. I couldn't sleep in there. I couldn't picture doing that routine without Makenzie there. How would I go to sleep without watching her in the monitor or listening 
to the faint sounds of her music playing.
Ryan was pretty exhausted and went right to sleep. I laid there for a while. 
The tree was still on and I just stared at it. Thinking about this last year. How much has changed. 
How different I am. How different Ryan is. How different our everyday is.
I never thought I could get through an evening let alone a year without my baby. 
How did this year pass?
How did we do what we did, how did we wake up everyday, how did we keep breathing?
The person I am today is so very different than that person last year. 
Everything from my routines, my thinking, my prayers, my dreams, my wishes, my desires, my worries.
What I want out of life, Who I want to be. Everything is so different.

Life is so very different.
We are so very blessed to have each other.
To have our angel.
To know this Inst it.

then it was christmas morning.
happy birthday Jesus Christ.
i have been spending so much time thinking about him. thinking about who he is. what kind of man he is. i try to picture who he is, what he sounds like and what its like to be in his presence. 
then i know however or whatever i think- it so much more beautiful than i could ever dream.
what a life he lead. what trials he went through. 
what his father had to sit back and watch. what his mother had to witness. all to give you and i a chance to live again. to be our imperfect selves and be able to still return home. to live in peace. 
to live in that world. 
i have tried to picture makenzie there. i cant let my fears consume me. because. where she is. 
fear does not exists. 
i thank God and my savior Jesus Christ for giving me a happy ending someday.

we celebrated the best we knew how, 
a birthday deserves much happiness, celebration, love and family.
keep our love close, keep her happy, keep her safe and tell her everyday how much love we have for her. make sure she knows how hard we are working to be with her again. so soon.

we hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.


Tara Bennett said...

Those lyrics are so special. What a beautiful song.

I'm so glad you were at the cathedral for Christmas. I did that one year and it was one of the most heavenly experiences I've ever had!

I was thinking of you all Christmas day. Hope you felt Kenzie near. Love you.

debbie said...

Thinking of you every day! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts on Christmas. I love you and Kenzie so much.

Emma said...

What a beautiful, love filled post at Christmas. I can tell that Kenzie, although missed, was sent so much love and the time you shared with her in your arms so appreciated. I am glad you felt some peace and love throughout your day and night...the cathedral sounds incredible. Love and hugs, Em

Alerie said...

This was so beautiful. Your writing captivates me. The cathedral sounds like it would be an amazing experience and the lyrics to that song are beautiful. I loved what you wrote about the feelings you had with that song and Makenzie. So true!! I'm glad you had a good Christmas!! I thought about you often. Much love!!

Shawna said...

What a great post Kendra! Your Christmas sounds amazing and I'm glad you had a wonderful one. Your words are simply beautiful -- maybe one day you'll be a writer too along with all the other amazing things you have already accomplished through your celebration of Kenzie's life and giving for her.

brigette said...

what a beautiful post!! Im glad your Chirstmas was one of love and the true meaning!! Love ya kendra!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have these thoughts and feelings about the Savior. He is the only person who can truly heal us and bring us the peace we all so much want. He does have a plan for all of us, just like he has a plan for Kenzie. She's still HER, she's still your daughter, she's still loved by so many of us, she is up there doing great things. The love never Ends.... Auntie M


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