Tuesday, December 28, 2010


* Lose 20lbs
* Be less lazy pants
* Camp more
* Find a new truck
* Find a new hobby
* Attend more Utah Football games

* Get her teeth cleaned more often
* Run more
* Go on more car rides
* Sleep more
* Earn more treats
* Chew up important things less

* Complete my Associates
* Learn to tolerate like running
* Finish Kenzie's scrapbook
* Keep my house more organized
* Read more
* Plan more activities with the hubs
* Camp/Boat/Hike/Fish more
* Go to Vegas
* Eat better - Less junkie
* Find more happiness
* Do more for Ryan
* Volunteer at least once a month
* Raise $10,000 at the next MRW Live, Laugh, Breathe Event in July
* Make a tree for the festival of trees in honor of Makenzie
* Get my extreme anxiety under better control!
* Get my OT Shadow hours in.

Just to name a few.
Obviously I have a few more than Ryan but I was asking him these things while he was playing on his new Xbox that he got for Christmas from Santa. He is obsessed with that thing. hmmm... Lucky boy!
Maybe his goal should be to not kill himself with his own weapon :)

Do you all set NY resolutions? I have set some goals every so often but never really call them resolutions because I try to make goals throughout the year. Even though the only thing that separates 2010 from 2011 is a split second from 11:59-12:00am I am taking this NEW YEAR a bit more than just another day and thinking I should think of it more as kind of a new start. In my mind at least. I want to have more positive thoughts and have more goals and have a better game plan.  I don't want to think this year will be better than last, I want to just make tomorrow better than yesterday.  So I have a few goals for now. They will probably change in a week.  On my "read more" goal- I got a new book today to start it out. Ill let you know my reviews when im done :)


brigette said...

I do!! One of mine is also to make a tree for kael for festival of trees!! Maybe we can bounce ideas off each other!! Your goals sound great! Much love kendra!!

Robin said...

Id like to see Kenzie's scrap book! I want to do a real scrap book of our ceremony but I need some serious help. We should scrap book sometime together!

Emma said...

I think you have some great goals, and I know you will accomplish so much!! I am excited to 'share' with you this next year and can't wait to see all the incredible things you do. you have touched so many lives and I know will reach even more. Hugs, Em

Candace said...

Love all of these goals.. you're amazing girl!


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