Friday, December 24, 2010

harley + mr bear

We have been coming home to some very inappropriate behavior on Harleys part the past few weeks.
I probably shouldn't expose our dirty laundry to the world and let you all see the teenager we are dealing with but I figure I could always use some advice on the topic.

we have this bear.
a cute man-ish bear.
he has his cute sweater and all.
it was going to be a gift for makenzie.
it was sitting downstairs waiting for christmas morning.

after minding his own business we find him on the ground with his sweatshirt off and all radded up. we figure jill was just having fun playing with the toys so we scolded her and moved forward.
this happened 2 times.
until.. i left the house for only a few hours knowing jill wasn't home to disrupt the place.
i walked in to find this...

mr bear,
stripped and totally taken advantage of.
he was dripping with slobber.
he was obviously in distress.

this was across the room.

not only was he soaking but his leg had been stretch so much, 
probably because he was put in compromising positions, that it ripped. 
poor mr. bear.

we scolded harley, put her in time out and 
took mr bear into another room high enough harley cant reach him-

dirty... dirty... girl


Shawna said...

Maybe Harley thought Mr. Bear was her Christmas present :).

Melissa said...

I bet Makenzie put Harley up to it. I am sure she is looking down from Heaven laughing at you guys.

Barrett, Melinda, Angel Trinity, and Baby Zander said...

I've been reading your blog. I'm one of the angel mommy's on the angel blog. Trinity passed away 3.5 years ago from her heart condition. I am moved by what you do in honor of your sweet Makenzie. I've been so much the same, determined to make sure people do not forget Trinity. At times it's exhausting and at times it's depressing, but overall, Trinity is STILL remembered today due to the efforts we do regularly. I loved your idea of the balloon release for ALL the angel babies...I will have to do the same thing. So I hope you don't mind me copying your idea.

Just like you, Trinity was our first and only child. We haven't had another it's still just me, hubby, and our doggy. My email address is if you ever need another angel mommy to talk to.

Melinda Adams
(Angel Trinity's mommy)


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