Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just a little bit of nothing important

- we didn't send out a Christmas cards this year so if you didn't get one, don't be offended.
- we are still moving forward with the "plan"
- our place will be listed the beginning of the year
- i am vigorously trying to organize all our crap so we don't have to store much
- ryans prized possession THE TRUCK is for sale. if your interested let me know!
- in a few SHORT weeks, i will have a new SISTER IN LAW, my baby bro is getting married
- i have lost and found my drivers license 3 times in the last month
- ryan has been ridiculously sick, its gross. but I'm a good nurse and totally baby him.
- we have decided to get ryan another truck but once that isn't quite as nice and with a much smaller payment
- ryan is already planning next years hunting trips
- we are planning a few vacations which we are so excited for
- we finished this last semester, barely alive.
- i have insisted on having only christmas music play for the last month, ryan hates christmas music.
- we have ate mac-n-cheese about 10 times this month for dinner.
- remember those luminary candles we put on kenzie's grave last week-- they are still lite!
- our biggest/saddest news: our sweet gorilla milo has a new home :(

i figure i better go into a little more detail on the milo thing... so he was such a good sweet dog but with us getting ready to move we didn't think there would be any way we could find a cheap place that will allow 2 big dogs. plus we are down sizing so much that there would be an even smaller amount of space for him. it was such a hard decision but when ryan said his friend was wanting a new dog because his other just passed away after 14 years, we knew it was meant to be. ryan has talked to his new owner just about every other day and it sounds like milo is living the life of luxury.
daily long walks
tons of land to roam
bigger house
is the baby in that house and totally spoiled
he has learned how to hunt on the weekends
hasn't even noticed he is with a new family

im so glad he has made such a smooth transition and is with amazing people. and just so you all know, harley isn't going anywhere. sorry but she has been here since the beginning and is totally my baby. she spoons me at night. i cant be without her. and she is loving life with only her again. she doesn't need to share anything, play time is all about her and most of all, she can eat again! poor harley, milo would eat all the food and when we would get some out and put harley in one area to eat milo would freak out until he got over there and ate all the food. geesh. it was always a circus at feeding time. and with a 80lb+ dog its hard to hold him back when he is ramming you into the side of the fridge or wall!

anyway, so that's a little update. life is very very busy. i look at our calendar and there is at least 3-4 things everyday. usually overlapping one another (very nice) so we hope to get to everything and everyone.
will update about our holiday cheer soon!
I cant wait for you to all tell me about yours.


Emma said...

A little bit about "nothing important"??? Are you kidding?! All of that stuff is so important-so many changes ahead, some will be tough, but all will be so wonderful for you both! I am so excited to see what 2011 brings for you, I know it will bring many amazing things your way-with lots of hard work too! :-)
Sorry to hear Milo had to go, but it sounds like a much better place for him. Sometimes no matter how much we love our pets we aren't the 'right home' and it sounds like that was the case, sounds like a good decision for all..
Thinking of you and hope the last few days leading up to Christmas aren't too chaotic for you. Love and hugs, Em

Shawna said...

Hi Kendra, like Emma, I am thinking of and praying for you as Christmas comes and goes. Sorry to hear about Milo, but, like Emma said, it sounds like this was better for all of you -- him included (and especially Harley :) ). Merry Christmas!

Ashley Sullenger said...

I love how much you two ate mac and cheese! I don't think I ever told you congrats on the new plan! I know it will be a great career for you! Have a great week, and a Merry Christmas!

brigette said...

Your so cute!! What a fun post. Your new plans are so amazing and are going to be so special. It was fun to meet up with you yesterday. Thanks for everything. I hope your holiday is gentle on you. Much love Kendra.


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