Sunday, December 26, 2010

gingerbread christmas fun!

making gingy houses
eating tons o candy
eating a yummy roast din din
playing with super excited little kiddos
the utah/boise state game
having a great evening with great friends

kendras gingy house

...that's makenzie and harley...

...that's me and ryan (with his beer)...

...that's jill...

...and that's derek... in the backyard a little tuned

and here is the anderson "model" house

a mini giant ended up ruining the webster winter fun
he ate harley, decapitated ryan and myself
it was quite the sight to see.

the night ended with a fun gift exchange and lots of laughs.

1 comment :

Emma said...

Looks like so much fun,what a great group of friends you have!! Hugs!


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