Sunday, February 14, 2010


look how cool this guy is!
yeah he is mine.
all mine.
nothing left to share. sorry!

since its vday and all- i figure i better talk about my special valentine.
he measures 5' 8 1/2"
weight-- ehhh... unknown at the moment :)
dark brown hair.greenish/brownish eyes.
cutest smile.face.ears.nose.receding hair line.
just a FEW things i adore:
.would rather wear cowboy boots.
.bits his nails- all the time.
.cut off his face hair-just for me. (it was cutting my face up)
.learned when i say-"lets not get each other anything for vday" that really means I'm getting you something so you better still get me something :)
.made me breakfast in bed and bought me roses!
.took me to see a movie, even though he didn't really want to see that movie.
.loves my family.
.loves my friends-which are now his friends.
.kisses me twice every night before we fall asleep.
.holds me when he knows i need it.
.plays with my hair-even though he hates it.
.loves to cook- and is amazing at it.
.watches my dumb reality tv shows-even though he complains through the whole thing.
.misses me during the day and tells me when i get home.
.works his butt off with everything he does.
.has passions in life.
.takes a bath everyday- he isn't a shower person.
.takes bubble baths everyday- hes a little girlie :)
.knows things most guys don't- like the difference between a wedge and a stiletto-ha!
.humors my craziness.
.lets me try on a million different outfits until i feel somewhat good
-even when we are running late.
.makes sure we always have milk.
.knows how much i need kenzies blanket to sleep with
-if it gets away from me at night, he will wrap it around me.
.even though its 2am he will wake up when he knows I'm sad and wrap his arms around me.
.makes fart noises when we walk past someone in the store
-he thinks he is funny.
.wrestles me, lets me win sometimes.
.gives me gum when i have bad breath.
.tells me i smell good.
.tells me he is proud of me.
.thanks me for working hard.
.tells me everyday how he is trying to make life easier for both of us.
.crys when he misses our daughter.
.talks to her with me.
.tells me how we will be a family again.
.tells me i was a good mom.
.will go to her grave any day- any time.
.is usually dirty-but cleans up really nice.
.doesn't know how to act in a nice restaurant.
.is honest.
.smiles at me.
.calls me.
.gives me butterfly's in my tummy.
.puts me in my place.
.lets me push him around sometimes.
.never makes me feel I'm being dumb.
.loves unconditionally.
.teaches me to be a better person.
.makes me laugh- A LOT.
.his short tongue.
.wears wranglers.

.and camo chaps- HA-.
.loved to dress makenzie up.
.always let me buy her new clothes and new bows.
.doesn't complain when i go a little crazy shopping.
.lets me go out with my friends.
.wants another dog.
.does our laundry when i don't have time.
.picks out cute clothes for me.
.loved makenzie more than i could have ever dreamed.
.showed me what an amazing dad is.
.carried my fat but upstairs when i was pregnant.
.makes really amazing things.
.fixes everything.
.plans vacations with me.
.plans our future.
.can jimmy rig anything.
.fixes my car.
.is a pretty rugged man.
.loves duct tape.
.pretends he isn't a softy- it was that little girl that turned him into mush.
.works everyday on our marriage.
.is hairy-but cute hairy.
.runs around for no reason.
.makes fun of me-in a good way.
.talks like he lives on a farm.
.wants to live on a farm.
.pretends he is a cowboy.
.pretends he is hardcore.
.pretends he is a little bit preppy.
.he is a mutt- i love all of that mixed up bit-o-everything inside him.
.i love him.
.all of him.
.even the stinky parts.
.he is my world.

.couldn't ask for any 2 better valentines.
.forever and ever to infinity.


Linds said...

what an amazing tribute.

and how very spot-on :)

Esther said...

Wow, you really know your man! That was fun reading the things your love about him :) You two are a perfect match!!

Emma said...

It sounds like you are a pretty lucky girl, you have a good, strong man by your side. What I love most is that he is your strength but can be soft and gentle at the same time-that takes someone special. He is a lucky man are an amazing woman, an incredible mother and such a selfless person. you continue to inspire goodness, as does your sweet girl, in all of us.

Kenzie day #2 looked like a lot of fun! I have no doubt she was smiling down, laughing at all the funny antics you were getting up to!

I am glad you were able to get out for V-day and share that time together. It is so important to focus on one another, to grieve with one another and to 'live' with one another. To do those fun things together, to share laughs and tears and you two seem to be doing such a great job of this, together! I am so impressed by your love, for one another and your sweet baby girl.

Thanks again for sharing with all of 'us'! Hugs, Em
(oh, and the helium tank was an awesome idea!)

Andrea said...

What a awesome post! So very glad that you have each other! HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day you had. I wanted you to know that Tessa and I also sent balloons to Kenzie on Saturday. We sang her a couple of songs of Tessa's choice. The ABC song is a real favorite. I am sure little Kenzie knows her entire alphabet from the number of times Tessa sang it to her. Everyday at Tessa's school they start the morning asking if you are happy today. After we sent the balloons, Tessa said "now Baby Kenzie is happy." And with a Mom and Dad like you, we know she is very happy.

I am really looking forward to seeing you in April. You are always in my heart.

Love Aunt Joyce

Amy said...

I am so relieved to know that my husband isn't the only one who makes fart noises when we pass someone in the grocery store. Whew!

derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

I love this post. I love the details. It really shows how its the little stuff that makes our husbands who they really are. Its why we love them. :) You can feel your love for Ryan in you're writing.

-I do want to put a little correction in there, that you ARE (and always will be) a great mom. -not 'was'-.-

Love you!

Tristan said...

Sounds like you found yourself a winner! What a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

It makes me happy to know that my little boy has grown up to be a really good man, a wonderful father and a fabulous husband. By the way, I did not teach him to make those noises or give him the idea that camo is a fashion statement. But I hope that I did teach him to love. By the way, you have played a big part in who he has become. Thank you for loving my son. Knowing that helps me worry a little less about him. He is being taken care of by a good woman, wonderful mother and fabulous wife. XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

P.S. I certainly have some very beautiful children...:) B&S&A and R&K&M

Jenni said...

What a sweet Valentine you have! And he's pretty blessed too. I'm so glad you and Ryan have pulled together during this difficult time. In a lot of cases, these hard times either bring couples closer together or break them apart. I've seen it happen both ways so I'm so glad you two have each other to hold on to. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

Nana said...

Hmmm. Bubble baths and Camo Chaps interesting.

Jessica and Reece said...

I love this post. I can't get over how beautiful Kenzie is, and how touched I am by your complete adoration for her. I'm so glad you have such an amazing husband to pull you through this terrible time. You guys are amazing parents! Thanks for being such a great example, and know I've been holding Lola a little tighter every day since I first read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is amazing. I have always known that ever since he was born. I love him too and I'm glad he has someone he loves so much

Anonymous said...

Ryan is amazing. I have always known that ever since he was born. I love him too and I'm glad he has someone he loves so much


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