Sunday, February 7, 2010

super bowl sunday

who will win?
I'm sorry- I'm not rooting for the Saints or the Colts.
I'm rooting for either Hank Baskett (Kendras Husband) or Reggie Bush (Kim Kardashians boyfriend)

I'm a reality show junkie!
Really I don't care- oops... I'm just waiting patiently for the commercials. To be honest, I like football but I DON'T like NFL.. The games are not as interesting and I get bored- I love College Football. The Superbowl is the only NFL game I watch- only because its a good excuse to eat, get with friends and well- no that's it. Guess when you write it out seems like of lame. Maybe ill drag my friends shopping instead.

Sooo.... Ryan and I have our minds set and we have started planning some of the amazing things we are doing in honor of Makenzie. Ill share a little now- but only a little- ill go into detail in another post.

#1.. you already know, we are having Kenzie Day every 13th. Instead of making the day all about one more month without her- we are getting together with the ones that loved her most and celebrating her life.
#2.. On Dec. 13th we are going up to Primary children's hospital and donating something special. Something we have been collecting all year. In honor of Makenzie. Something everyone can use! NO its not toys.
#3.. This girl WILL have a #1 birthday.

Okay= there is soooo much more to all of these things and you will just have to wait to see. Just keep watching because your invited to help and attend some :) that's right-


FROGGITY! said...

root for reggie if you don't have allegiance! it means a lot to this once broken city. :) i have never seen so many people come together behind a purpose ... just being happy and hopeful, it's a true testament to the resilliance of the human spirit! plus that, reggie is totally cute. ;)

The Pachuilo Family said...

That is so great that you are honoring Kenzie. I look forward to seeing all that you do.

Tara Bennett said...

Great ideas, Kendra. Let me know what I can do to help. xo

Alerie said...

I am so a reality TV junkie too (I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a DVR)!! That is too funny that you said you were rooting for either Hank Baskett (Kendra's Husband) or Reggie Bush (Kim Kardashian's boyfriend), because when I found out those teams were playing in the super bowl I immediately thought of them. I didn't care either way also, but I am sort of glad the Saints won with everything that town has been through. AND they have never won a Super Bowl or even played at one so that is kind of cool. Not to mention they were the total underdogs!! Did you hear what Kim Kardashian said? She said if the Saints won the Super Bowl that she was going to make Reggie propose to her? Wonder if it will happen!! Oh and college football is WAY better than the NFL. I love college football!!

Anyway, enough of that and on to the more important things....everything you have planned to honor Makenzie sounds wonderful. I can't wait to hear more details. Please let me know if you need help with whatever you are collecting or anything!! I am so glad you are going to throw her a birthday party!! I am sure it will be amazing!!

I hope you have as best of a week as you possibly can. I hope you feel some peace and comfort during your week. I will be thinking of you daily!! Always in my prayers!! Much love!!

P.S. - do you watch the bachelor? if so, who is your favorite....tenley is mine!!

Anonymous said...

OOH Alerie Tenley is my fave too!! Vienna has got to go! haha

Anyway Kendra,

Im glad you are doing stuff to honor your little sweet Kenzie. I cant wait to hear more and I will definitely be there to help and support!!

<3 always--



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