Tuesday, February 23, 2010


back from semi sunny las vegas!!!
we had a ball.
i lost my voice.
we all lost some money.
a weekend with no cares.
a weekend with endless fun.
a weekend with endless laughs.
pictures to come.

back to reality.
why does anyone have to be in reality?
i vote every single one of us gets a free pass. a pass to skip over one of these dumb trials we all have to face everyday. i keep hearing from one place or another all the struggles people are dealing with. i hate hearing someone else's hell, only because i wish they didn't have to go through that.
i am dreaming so much of makenzie today. I'm dreaming of her helping other people. i dream of her angel wings, her sweet spirit, her light. i know she is helping so many people right now.
my sweet aunt joyce sent me a book yesterday- its of these beautiful pictures of angels. i looked through this book and talked about makenzie on every page. i could see her. i know she is flying. i know her wings are perfect, i know her body is perfect, i know she can breath. she can play all day and i know she is playing with other little angels.
oh how i wish i could see it.
**today, i will try to make someone else's life a little easier. we all deserve a break**


Mother 25 - 8 said...

i will do the same!

Chanse and Janell said...

So glad you got a break! You two deserved it!:)
Hope all is well!

FROGGITY! said...

i agree, you deserved a break! glad it was a happy diversion from everyday life.

Alerie said...

I am glad you guys had fun in Vegas. Can't wait to see the pictures. I am sure Makenzie has the most beautiful angel wings ever seen....with lots of sparkles and glitter!! She is so precious and beautiful!!


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