Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
We celebrated by going to dinner (LOG HAVEN)
with these 2 love birdies!

What a beautiful day it was to!
We took Kenzie some balloons.

We let one heart go and...
it got stuck in a tree...
I think Kenzie thinks this is funny because on Kenzie day-
another heart balloon got stuck in the tree!

But this one flew away


Tara Bennett said...

Your Makenzie day and love day made me smile through tears. I am so glad you are able to celebrate and smile through your pain, and truly remember Makenzie the way she would want you to! Love you guys!!!

Linds said...

I love LOVE. Happy Valentines!

We're going to see that movie tonight. . . we've been refinishing the bathroom, so we didn't have any time yesterday :)

I'm glad you got to celebrate.

Jess's old blog said...

Ryan looks so different with out facial hair! Almost like a completely different person! MaKenzie day looked beautiful!


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