Thursday, February 25, 2010

quilt square

In April, Intermountain Donor Services will be having their annual Family Recognition Ceremony- honoring Donors. Unfortunately- this year. We are invited.Makenzie's picture will be displayed in the slide show and we were asked to make a quilt square in honor of Makenzie to add to the Donor Remembrance Quilt.
I had no idea how I was going to do this- simply because I have NO crafty skills when it comes to sewing. I could have asked one of my talented sisters, mother or mother in law to help but I felt I needed to do this on my own for Makenzie. I wanted her to see how hard I would work to make sure she would have a perfect little square.
I am not a sewer, I don’t stitch, I can’t for the life of me even sew in a straight line. REALLY- I’m horrible but after several attempts I got the square sewn (not in a straight line but sewn)
Now to the stitching. I got great ideas from my family on what to do and I loved all the ideas but they were all out of my league. I didn’t think I could do any. So I had the idea to use buttons for balloons and stitch her initials. Again- I started and it was looking horrible. Thankfully sister A came over to save me. She told me I needed different thread and that she would get me the right stuff. So tonight- instead of going home to play with my daughter after work
(which I still imagine I’m going to do everyday),
I stitched her initials on a square to honor her for donating her little heart valves.I thought about her so much tonight.
In every stitch I made I remembered something about her.
I kept asking her if she liked what I did.
I keep praying that she thinks it cute and she feels honored to have it.
I have to turn it tomorrow but I’m a little nervous to part with it. I worked so hard and put so much of her into it that a part of me just wants to keep it.
I picked the colors out because they reminded me of her room.
I picked the boarder because those words describe her.
I picked the balloons for obvious reasons.
I did the stitching so it looked like sprinkles- that reminds me how sweet she is.
I made this for her.
Although, It will be nice to see it sewn next to all those other donor angel squares.
All those other angels Im sure she is dancing around with.


derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

perfect. amazing. precious.

Kendra, you did an amazing job. I love every inch, every detail. I am so proud of you, and I KNOW Makenzie is extremely proud of you.
You did it. Its perfect. I love you.

The Pachuilo Family said...

For not knowing how to do anything, it looks amazing. I am sure Makenzie loves it. I love the balloons too,it's a very cute idea and a part of her that you will never forget.

Anonymous said...

WOW, it's perfect I love it. for somone who ddnt know how to sew, it's amazing. I'm sure Makenzie loves it too.
Sarah Richman

Marcia said...

It is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Alerie said...

It is absolutely perfect. You did an awesome job, especially for not knowing how to do it. I love all the details and how when you look at it you can see her. I love that you put so much thought into it. I am positive that she LOVES it and that she is so proud of you for doing it. You are an amazing mommy!!

Shanna said...

It's perfect Kendra. Great job, Kenzie loves it, i'm sure of it!

debbie said...

It's completely gorgeous! I love it. Thanks for continuing to share your love for Kenzie with us.

Tristan said...

Good job! I'm sure Kenzie is very proud of her mama for sacrificing and honoring her in this way. I bet she would really like it!

Tara Bennett said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl for her very special gift.

You ARE very crafty. It is perfect.

I just saw the drawing Katrina did for you. I want you to have it ASAP. I'm going to call you.

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on the square. You"re ready to learn how to quilt and one day I hope you will join us in doing so. You are special and the Lord has blessed you with many talents sometimes it takes a while for them to show. MaKenzie is proud of you and she is liking the square too. She is a special child and left many of us always remembering her. We love you and Ryan and know life is hard but it does go on and sometimes it is hard but the beauty of what your child left all of us with will help us to go on, thank you for having shared her with so many.

Bekah, Cameron, and Cayden said...

One word...BEAUTIFUL!

Linds said...

great job! it looks fantastic! i know what you mean about sewing and putting a lot of effort into something and wanting to keep it :) that just means you've put a little of your heart and soul into it.

once again, it looks awesome.

Andrea said...

It is beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job! I think she loves it and what it means to help another person and to have such a great mommy.

Emma said...

Another incredible thing you have done in honor of your daughter!! You are so amazing and your little girl is so proud of you and all you do!!

My friend who lost her little girl had a blanket made of the clothes she wore. It turned out incredible (her aunt made it for her) and she can wrap herself in it whenever she wants. She loves that she can remember specific memories of her little girl wearing the clothing and picture her specifically in them-maybe that is something you can do? I know you took time to pick things out special for her and loved her in her cute clothing and must have so many special memories of her in specific things, so it is just an idea.

Thinkig of you today, Hugs, Em

Unknown said...

So an idea I had was maybe make two each year so after a while you can have your own Makenzie quilt.
-Katrina Jolley

Amanda said...


Wow, that is perfect! I love all the meaning behind everything you chose for it too. You are very talented and crafty!!! It is so perfect, I know Kenz loves it. I think about you often and you are always in my prayers.

Chanse and Janell said...

So cute. I love it Kendra!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt square is perfect and beautiful. She IS so proud of you. We won't forget her Kendra and we will love you, Ryan and Kenzie forever. Love ya Aunt Mary

C said...

It is a beautiful quilt square -- perhaps you ought to make another one to keep. I like the balloon buttons; I'm sure they made her smile.

The House that James Built said...

i love it. i love everything you do and write for her. i wonder if our angel family did a square for ashley? i can't wait to hear from you how this event goes...if you go. i think you should, it may be healing. love you kendra


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