Thursday, August 20, 2009

uncle Ben and Makenzie

I have written about my brother Ben a few times on here. He is in the Army half way around the world. I am missing him so much lately as well as his wife and 4 beautiful girls. We have been able to talk on Skype which has been a life saver. Makenzie meet her Uncle Ben who lives in Korea before she meet most her family that lives in Utah! I'm so glad my brother is just a click away. He has always been my hero and someone I look up to. I go to him for advice when I need it. He always knows what to say!
Since he has 4 girls I'm definitely counting on him for some serious advice with my one girl. He has some angels. Ryan and I are amazed how smart and amazing his kids are.

Its amazing to see how much they are growing. My Mina is in JR high! I cant believe it.
We want to go back to Korea so bad but not sure if we will be able to with work schedules and $$ getting in the way- grr.
Mina and Yuna- I'm still working on it... I promise :)
Love you all and miss you terribly.


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