Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Princess

The amazing Jen Gibson took these adorable pictures of my lil baby girl.
I have ordered about a million prints of all different sizes. I cant decide which ones I want where so I had to just get them all :)
We tried to pick a time that Makenzie would be asleep so we could position her and get all the pics we wanted but this little lady decided she would switch it up for this day only and be wide awake the whole time. For the most part she was pretty good but for those fussy moments Jen was so sweet with her. She did such a great job-
I cant believe I have such a beautiful little girl.

** Thanks for everything Jen!


caitlin and brinton said...

just beautiful. i love them all.

The Pachuilo Family said...

She Looks so beautiful. Looking at the pictures you wouldn't even guess that she was fussy!
I can't wait to get pics of my kids. I hope Kylee will be all smiles like she is.
Be greatful that you took those pics, maybe write somewhere how old she is, because you will have those pics up for so long. Plus you will forget how old they are in them. At least I did. I still have my first childs baby pics up, that's how much I love them.

Chanse and Janell said...

Kendra, these pics are beautiful! I love all of them:) She's such a doll!!!

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

Ahhhh look at her! I cant choose one pic I love them all so cute! If you ever want more family pics let me know! I take pictures on the side :)

Robin said...

these are super cute pictures. I hope that i get one!


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