Monday, August 17, 2009

oh saturday

Oh my little Makenzie...
i hope you had a great day saturday exercising your lungs.
i have yet to cry as much as i did that night.
you must have missed your dad because you were extremely unhappy and screamed your head off for no reason all day pretty much.
im glad my allie gave me a little break and i got to visit her and the kidos for a bit. makenzie must have enjoyed it as well because she was pretty good there but started screaming again once we got in the car.
after a car ride home feeling like a horrible mother because my daughter cried for the entire time i was anxious to try and comfort her- i hurried and let my dog out (on her leash) to go to the bathroom. i ran back in and started getting my baby out of her car seat- i heard more screams and barking from outside. i ran out to see harley had BITE the neighbor boy.
AHHHH.... this dog wouldn't hurt a fly- what the heck... i was already frazzled with my screaming child so i just broke down right then and there. my neighbor was not happy (which is to be expected) i think they would have made a bigger deal about it if i wasn't holding a screaming baby and crying my eyes out pleading forgiveness for my out of control dog.
the boy didn't even have a mark- it scared him more than anything but i was still so embarrassed and felt so bad.
went back inside to continue crying with kenzie.
we continued that for a few more hours off and on.
started to get ready for bed- we both wished ryan was home but he was down at the cabin (hunting season has started)
cried ourselves to sleep.
oh motherhood.
what is it about your childs cry that makes you hurt so much?
good thing im so madly inlove with this little girl- she is worth every minute of it.


The Pachuilo Family said...

Oh you poor thing. And yes once Christopher was 6 months, we let finally just let him cry himself to sleep. But I feel your pain with the crying. Christopher cried ALL the time for the first 2 months he was born and then if finally got better. Now not to brag but Kylee has been completely different, she has been an ANGEL! No crying and the BEST baby ever!
Hang in there though, it will get better, I promise!

Chanse and Janell said...

OH NO! That is horrible. Poor thing missed her daddy.
Hopefully he comes back soon.
Hang in there lady, it'll only get better:)


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