Monday, August 10, 2009

my little girl

So I know this is horrible and call me crazy but I think Makenzie is so funny when she crys. She has the most powerful lungs in the world. This girl doesn't cry she screams. I had to post this picture- this is what happens when she has her tummy time.

As of 8/10/2009

Makenzie Rye Loves:
- Being cuddled. Not just held but totally squeezed (this is one thing I'm NOT complaining about. I absolutely love it)
- Being held by her Mommy.
- Eating...
- Sleeping
- Pooping (usually 5 or more times a day- yeah I know that's a little TMI)
- Stretch
- Lay on her side
- Be propped up on your shoulder
- Walk around
- Go on walks in her stroller
- Ride in the car
- Have her face tickled
- Binkie
- Being in any type of water. ESP bath time.

Makenzie Rye Hates:
- Being bundled (cuddled yes but bundled in a blanket - FORGET it)
- Having her hands covered or constricted (She will not wear gloves so I have to trim her nails at least once a week)
- Tummy Time
- Getting dressed
- Wearing hair bows (sorry baby but I have a million so you have to wear them every now and again)
- When Mom eats dairy :( I'm now lactose free because its causing some problems 'down stairs' for Makenzie

Makenzie has some bad reflux which backs her up which gives her gas which makes her tummy hurt. Its all a horrible cycle so her doctor and I are trying a few different things. I have cut all dairy out of my diet but that didn't help alone so she now has to take some reflux medicine and I still cant have dairy. Its only been 2 days since we started the medicine and it has not made a difference yet so hopefully it will soon.

I have been trying the baby wise method with Makenzie. I would like to know if anyone else is or has done this? I need some advice and support- Let me know!

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The Pachuilo Family said...

Kendra I am so sorry that Makenzie is having so tummy problems, I hope the medicine works soon for her sake and yours.
I did the baby wise sort of and it worked for me. I just made sure that during the day I would wake her up every 3 hours and then during the night I would let her wake me up, and not wake her up to eat. I think it worked for me because she now goes 10 hrs. through the night and has never had her days and nights mixed up. You just have to find what works for you and her. It's hard,I won't lie, but that's a part about being Mom.


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