Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 MonTH Makenzie Rye

Happy 1 month Birthday little Girl.
our baby girl turned 1 month yesterday. I cant believe how fast time if flying.
She put on her party dress and we had a great day.
*Visited Moms work to show everyone how beautiful she is
*Had a yummy lunch with her Grandma Becky and Auntie Brooke
*Bought a Baby Bjorn -which she LOVES!
*Bought a new squashy blanket. We need a second one while the other is in the wash
*Made cupcakes with Mom
*Played with her Daddy
*Had a great visit from Grandpa (She has missed him)

* OOP- cupcake toes!
* Okay all partied out and ready for bed! No more pics MOM.
This has been the best month of my life. Our Makenzie brings us more happiness and joy than we could have ever dreamed. We are just on cloud nine every minute of the day.
We love you so much muffin.


Chanse and Janell said...

She is so stinkin' cute Kendra!
I can't wait to have a baby and dress her up like your previous post:) SO fun! I bet you just love being a mommy!!

Thanks for the advice on the wedding, I will take all of that info and run with it!! Thanks again

Linds said...

That month went really quickly! She's a doll.

Robin said...

you were at work and you didn't even tell me!? What is that all about. It would have been nice to see you and baby! miss you

Tara Bennett said...

Has it really been a month already? I need to come see that little beauty!!! Enjoy every second! =)


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