Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bedroom Troubles- hehe

I guess I went a totally different way on the baby's room!
I had been going crazy over what bedding/colors/style I wanted for this princess and have lost much sleep over it :)
I finally went to Pottery Barn Kids and without a second thought- GOT THIS!!!!

So I am so in love with this- Her walls will be painted the same color pink as one of the flowers in the bedding. I will then try to paint the same flowers on her wall. I am so in love with this- the best part- It has a big girls bedding that is the exact same so when the little girl turns into a big girl we don't have to redecorate her room- Everything will still match perfectly. I love how its not to loud and its pretty settle. Even though there were some other bedding out there I might have like the same or a little more, I thought this would be much calmer for her and it will be something she can totally grow with. I had to order it so when it comes we will be buying paint and Ryan will be getting to work! I cant wait to start updating this blog with pictures of her room.


Tara Bennett said...

Kendra Chloe loves the Kelly Clarkson song. I had to play it for her twice!

Anyway, bedding. LOVE it! I can't wait to see it all come together! I did like the other one, but I'm not just saying this - I like this one better! I love the big funky flowers and the colors are delightful! Awwww..... so cute!

Robin said...

I think that the bedding is super cute, when I have a baby i want dinosaurs and if its a girl she gets pink ones lol. If you need help painting or anything let me know. i am game!!

FROGGITY! said...

LOVE IT! great choice.

also love your new header/background. precious precious!

caitlin and brinton said...

I love it- it's so cute! I bet that's so exciting- getting ready for a whole new personality in your life.

Trevor and Hilary said...


Gaspegirl said...

What a perfect choice for the baby! I love it!!

ML said...

Very cute! I love Pottery Barn's baby things.


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