Thursday, February 12, 2009

someone say bathroom?

Yes, I know you all are wondering who the new pearly white babe in the pictures is! Well its actually a picture of my latest best friend... It may sound extremely disgusting but I am being extremely seriously- I never realized that getting pregnant meant that for 9 months my bladder will shrink to the size of seriously- A PEA- and my child would use it as a soccer ball or squeeze toy every waking moment (and sleeping moment) of my life. I have had more than one "oops" since being pregnant and its because I haven't figured out yet that I can no longer wait a few more minutes to run to the bathroom- I need to drop whatever I'm doing, put my running shoes on and book it to the nearest facility to relieve myself.
I read all about the "more frequent urination" in the pregnancy books I have read but this is not "more frequently" this is like I should probably start wearing a diaper frequently.
**I'm sorry if my latest BFF offended anyone!

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