Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a love filled weekend.

What a weekend of LOVE! We went to Johnson Mill in Midway UT. It was so beautiful. The picture I posted before of our room didn't turn out to be our room but I think our room was just as beautiful! We had 2 balcony's over looking acres of land. I loved loved loved the bathroom. I asked Ryan to build me one like that someday. The bath tub had a huge window over looking the pond and again acres of land. I had such a great time just watching animals roam around and pretending to swim in the HUGE tub. The B&B was recently remodeled so its updated and very nice. Throughout the mansion was fun things like this log that went from the basement to the top floor.

We checked into the B&B around 4 and relaxed for a few hours before our dinner at Blue Boar Inn. Again another beautiful place. It was very rustic/log cabin feeling and very elegant. The service was amazing and the food was really good- although pricey.

The next morning the B&B made crapes for breakfast. They were very yummy- I wish I could have asked for seconds. We hung out a little longer before taking off into the snow. We had to pick Harley up from the doggie hotel before noon.

It snowed quite a bit there- Its hard to see in this picture but it was very heavy and thick.

Even though the B&B was really our Valentines- Ryan still surprised me with flowers and candy at home. We ordered Chinese on Valentines night and had an amazing time.

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Chanse and Janell said...

Thanks for the cute comment lady!
That place looks amazing... was it expensive?

Cute baby bump too!!!!!:):)


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