Monday, February 2, 2009

Help... I need some body... Help

Just a little cry out to all those baby mamas or soon to be baby mamas-
Where oh where did you get your clothes? I'm not so good at this! I went on a fabulous shopping trip with my Mother and sister in law however- Those adorable clothes that are screaming my name in my closet just don't fit right now. I can fit into SOME jeans that I have always worn but my work pants are DUNZO~ I am wearing the amazing bella band but when it comes to work pants- I worry a bit. I don't want to be chillin at my desk all the while my bella band slips out of place and I get up to (what else) go to the bathroom and oops- there goes my pants! Now don't think I'm crazy- This almost happened once. Good thing I have been very conscious of this and grabbed the suckers before anything HR related happened.
Boy oh Boy... or
Girl oh Girl...
This stage is really not all the super duper so in love with my changing body the world is full of sunshine and lolly pops! (MMmm. Lolly pop)
I am feeling plump! I have discovered a new curve each morning, Head aches/ Migraines are now a daily issue, I am super lazzzy which means my house is in utter despair, I have given up on getting comfortable at night, the couch, the bed and the floor have all left me with sleepless nights (NO those prego/body pillows don't help). I cant keep on top of the shaving business because my body has all the sudden decided hair in all places is in! Okay okay the one good advantage- my locks-o-love are growing in pretty fab (in my opinion, but you may of course see differently)
So with longer locks-o-love I have to also see the other positive and say my skin is baby soft! I have had those annoying bumps on my arms for years but all the sudden they are gone! Lets hope it lasts forever. All in all I am very much enjoying being pregnant. I cant tell you how exciting it is to wonder if today will be the day I can feel it for the first time. This is so far one of the longest yet shortest life changing experiences ever! What a great ride so far!
So- for clothes- where did you shop?


Tara Bennett said...

Oh my goodness girl you crack me up! Trust me, you are TINY. When I was pregnant, everything (even my earlobes) were swollen about three times their regular size (and unfortunately nothing on my body has ever returned to its pre-pregnancy fabulousness).

I think Motherhood has the best maternity clothes, hands down. I tried everything, but Motherhood has the best prices and the most 'normal' looking clothes. There's on in Fashion Place and there's an outlet (that really does have fab prices) in PC.

Good luck, but remember - you look great!

FROGGITY! said...

Old Navy
Motherhood Maternity

(and if you don't have that stuff nearby then it's ALL online!) you'll probably need a small. :)

i think they have the measurements on there too and if you order it and it doesn't fit, you can return it right to the store! i just bought stuff at those places cause it was reasonable and you don't want to invest TOO much in maternity clothes. just cute and simple things rock! :) good luck!

ML said...

I'm sure you're an adorable pregnant woman. When I was pregnant, I had the best luck shopping at Motherhood, Old Navy, and towards the end of my pregnancy I discovered that Ross has maternity clothes. I actually found some of my favorite shirts there.

Mimi Maternity at the Gateway is very cute but a tad bit on the pricey side. I think I did buy one pair of work pants there when I was desperate and couldn't find anything else that would work.

Rachel said...

GAP Maternity. Out of all the places, they have the BEST JEANS! If there isn't a baby GAP (which they are usually in) in your area, look online.

If you get confused about sizes, try a pair in your normal size (ex, I was a 4 before and bought 4 in maternity), wore them all the way through and fit so well.

Good luck!

Cassidy Ratliff said... a pics of yourself on here so I can see your cute little belly. Hope you feel well.

caitlin and brinton said...

Kendra- I'm sorry to hear about Ryan's grandpa, that's too bad. But on a happier note, your posts always brighten my day, they're so funny. You are such a cute pregnant gal even though i haven't even seen you! You should take a pic of your growing belly and post them. :) Can't wait to find out what you're having! Oh yeah, and enjoy being lazy while you can be, because soon you won't have that luxury! :)

The Pachuilo Family said...

My advise would be Old navy and Motherhood maternity. I say in the beginning Motherhood because after that when you get big, it felt like nothing fit me. I really love Old Navy pants, I hate having something up and over my belly and the pants at Old Navy aren't like that. Plus an added bonus, they have ties, so when your too big for your pants and too small for maternity then youcan just pull the string tighter and they fit. Good luck with the shopping!


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