Thursday, February 12, 2009

im just dreaming!!!!

Of a weekend here!!!!

In this room!!
Happy Valentines day to my husband- I am surprising him with a little getaway. I feel inlove with the rooms/facility/views of this place! I cant wait to run away tomorrow. Harley will have a great weekend to- She is booked for a weekend of fun at a doggie hotel! She loves this place and im sure cant wait to get pampered. Plus her days are full of playing with her fellow doggie friends~
We are trying to get a few of these in now because as I have read- NO CHILDREN ALLOWED!
** If you havent noticed there has been a serious lack of personal pictures on here. My camera is a little broken and I need to fix it before this weekend- so hopefully Ill have some pictures of our getaway to share on Monday!
AND HEIDI- Ill try to get the courage up to post a picture of my GROWING belly :)
(Sigh) Is it Friday yet?


Finding Normal said...

Got your question. Um...this is not a great year to ask me about my thoughts on teaching. Normally I would probably tell you how I love how every day is different, and I love spending all day with kids, and I love helping their lightbulbs go off. But this is a bad year. There are a lot of positives to being a teacher, but there are also drawbacks. And years like this one are enough to make me want to go work at a bank or something. The biggest advice I could give is to spend some time in a classroom. Not sure if you have any courses through your college that would allow you to volunteer in a classroom, or have a local school you could get involved in, but the best way to figure out if it's for you is just to be around the kids. And talk to the teachers in your area. HTH

ML said...

Wow! Looks like fun! Also, congrats on finding out you're having a girl! That's very exciting. Now you're going to be dying to buy all those cute little girl clothes. Don't give in to the temptation--you'll get tons of things at showers.


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