Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Randy!!!

It was my father-in-laws birthday on Sunday!
We went over to Ryan's parents house for some great food and fun. I was to busy taking pictures of this cute little girl I forgot to take some pictures of the birthday boy!

This is the beautiful Addison! She is almost 1... I cant believe how big she is getting-
Oh and she has THE cutest smile EVER....
Happy Birthday Randy!!!
I love to see Ryan and his Dad together. Ryan is the spitting image of his Dad and his Grandpa. They love the same things, they talk the same way and they look alike. Its so fun to see them together and hear them make the same grunts and groans. Randy is such a wonderful father to his kids which include his son and daughter in law. He loves his family so much (Very much like Ryan) he is not a touchy feely- wears his heart on his sleeve kind of guy but you know by how patient and kind he is how much love he has for everyone. I am so grateful he has taught Ryan so much of what he knows (or think they know) He has given me an amazing husband and an amazing father to be.
I also have to also say he has the best laugh- and not the chuckle laugh but his fully on belly GIGGLE - its so awesome!

** Ryan and his Dad at the Cabin

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