Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thats how I roll

- Well this is how my baby will roll...
I have been eyeing all the car seats/ strollers awaiting the best deals on the best rated products. I was told when I first got pregnant- don't skimp on your car seat. Now as many out there might know- these things can be $$$$ pricey! I was looking into how each car seat was rated and comparing prices. You could go as high as the luxor of car seat/strollers and grab yourself an orbit (you will see this stroller linked to stars like
Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling) the price tag on that $900
(at least, this is a stage thing so the bigger the kid the more things you need to buy)
I was also looking at the fancy Peg Perego... Nice stuff but still well over $300 just for the stroller! I checked amazon, KSL, Babies R Us and many other places. I have always loved the Chicco and seen it listed as the #1 rated car seat a few different times. I was having a really hard time coming to terms with spending $350 for the travel duo and thought I might have to find something else when I saw the big RED letters in the USA baby window- SALE!!!
I was lucky enough to get the color and the exact brand I wanted for under $250. I couldn't pass this up! Whoo Hoo. So now the lovely pair sits in my front room- staring at me- waiting for me to put a widdle tinny baby in it!

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ML said...

Looks like your baby will be riding in style!


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