Thursday, September 4, 2008

Loving Every Minute

HaPpY SepTemBeR!
Life is
L- Love- Full of it that is :)
I- Increasingly more busy day by day
F- Far more unpredictable than I could have ever imagined
E- Entertaining
Where do I start? Taking this vaca blog has been a little sad for me. I feel a bit more organized when I follow my daily and weekly plans and without the blog I have forgotten my days, messed up the routine and just missed all my blogging buddies!
I am now officially LEGAL! My 21st bday was awesome. I really lived like a young 21 year old girl (for a few days)
School has started! I'm going full force and taking 4 classes. I'm so glad I have one of my very bestest friends in 3 of my classes! WHOo HOo.. I LOVE YA MAL
Among the list in my life
- Painted my WHOLE HOUSE
- Moved pretty much every room around to make better space, some rooms had a total remodel and moved to the basement or upstairs or to the garbage!
- My EXTRA load at work is really wonderful but also verrry draining
- Devlin, Ellie and Aidan all started Kindergarten
- Both my mother and mother in law had a birthday
Happy Birthday Momi! Happy Birthday Mom-Becky
- A few other minor issues with family
My adorable wonderful 100 year old Grandma Murtle had a 2 Strokes!
She is seriously never going to let go- She is still around and going strong. Its a daily thing but this sweet lady refuses for whatever reason to let go.
Hospice has been coming and keeps telling us 5-10 more days for her to live. That was a few weeks ago. When they first told us this- The Army sent my brother Ben and his family home!!!!
Although it was under tough circumstances- I cant tell you how happy I have been being able to be with my brother and his family every day again. I took a week off school and work! We have been SO busy trying to fit in not only play time but quality time with the family and of course mainly Grandma! I think she has been really over whelmed with a million and 1 kids running around all the time but I know she loves it.
I have so many pictures I need to get on here- I took the girls to paint pottery, a few shopping trips to get webkinz, littlest pet shop and books. We went boating on Tuesday- WHICH was very cold but extremely fun esp since they have never experienced anything like that before. We went on hikes, swimming pool party's. It has been so much fun to be able to be with them.
Since yesterday I have not been able to turn off the water works. I cant even think about any of them without breaking down. I keep thinking about Friday morning when they leave and remembering the feeling when we got on the plane in Korea. I hate not being able to see them and hold them. My family is so important to me. My brother has become this person I have needed so much in my life. He is so amazing and the best Dad I have ever met. I really admire how incredible he and his adorable wife have raised their girls. The most respecting, well behaved children I have ever met! We will have a big goodbye party tonight before they leave in the morning.
I'm already checking air fair to go back next year!

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