Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am- going to be selfish and write all about ME

i am...
i am- so missing ryan
i think- way to much
i know- i need to clean my house
i want- ryan
i dislike- homework-to much right now
i miss- should i say it again- RYAN and my brothers
i fear- i wont be the person i dream of becoming one day
i feel- tired (cant sleep)
i hear- a lot of noise around me and wish i had my ipod to listen to my tunes :)
i smell- my yummy salad that i want to eat right now
i crave- frozen peas and popsicles. dont ask me where this came from it just started a couple weeks ago. ryan cant stop laughing because thats all i ever want to eat
i cry- this morning. really missing my hubby
i usually- hate thursdays. they always feel like fridays but then i soon realize they are sooo not and i have one more day to go
i search- for what i believe in?!
i wonder- what is in store for my family this next year
i regret- not starting school right out of high school- i could be almost finished- agh
i love- my life: when my hubby is home
i care- about every person i see in the world- and all those i dont see- i want peace :) yes thats the hippy in me- where is a tree- i need to hug one
i always- create a excel spreadsheet when i worry about something. i try to find a solution to the problem and/or make sure i prepare myself for anything-nerdy-
i worry- my family is not happy, hurt or in need of something
i am not- in the body i wish i was in (physically)
i remember- my "perfect" weekend.
i believe- in God
i dance- ...when i really shouldnt and everyone is watching...
i sing- all morning i have been singing selena- hehe-
i dont always- realize how good i have it
i argue- about everything. ill even argue with myself when i think i am wrong
i write- during most every emotion i have. today i prob should have skipped it because i feel a little blue
i win- wii
i lose- my shoes and clothes- how can i really just lose them? i havent figured it out yet
i wish- it was closer to christmas
i listen- selectively
i dont understand- the world and politics
i can usually be found- at work or school, i dont have a life
i am scared- of night time. theres scary monsters out there. what if a ghost gets in my house
i need- to lose a bit of weight
i forget- to take pictures of the best moments in life
i am happy- when ryan comes home

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