Monday, September 22, 2008

Have I said before that I love Pictures?!

I love taking pictures esp of kids and esp. of my nieces and nephews! When I take pictures of them I am able to capture the beauty and perfection they all have. Plus its fun to just get pictures of those little kids smiling and being so dang cute.
I took just a few of little Addie the other day. She is getting so big and chunky. I just love being with that little girl. She definitely has brought a different love to our family. I think anytime you join into a family there might be even a minute where you have to learn to fit in. I have been so lucky. My in laws are not really "in laws" They are my family and when I talk about my family I mean everyone of them and that means Ryan's side. I see so much unconditional love when I am with them. I was accepted from day one in spite of who "I was" They never cared. I cant believe I am able to be married to my incredible husband but also to my incredible new family. When Addison came along I think it almost joined us together even more. This perfect little girl brought in a million more laughs, smiles and memories.

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