Monday, September 22, 2008

All in Utah

So I talked a few post ago about my brother Ben and his family coming to Utah. They made the trip because we didn't know how much longer our Grandma Murtle would be with us and it was going to be a good bye trip! (FYI: She is doing fine and getting a little better everyday:)
This trip was amazing and we had so much fun with him and all his girls. I cant wait to see them all again. We did so much while they were here but the real reason it was such a perfect week was just because we all got to be together. I love all my nieces so much and they were consistently making me smile and laugh. Mina and Yuna slept over on one of the last nights they were here. I had so much fun watching movies and eating nothing but junk food till the wee hours. I went to be before them and when Ryan and I woke in the morning- they were asleep in our hall next to our bedroom door. When I woke them up to move them they were so surprise to be on the ground. They said "We didn't mean to fall asleep- we were going to stay up all night"

Bitna is almost 5 and full of so much energy. She has the sweetest voice and most adorable laugh. She is one of the only kids I have seen make Ryan melt like she did. He just fell in love with her. Being able to be with my family everyday for a little over a week was awesome. I cant believe how lucky I am to be in this family.
If it was not for web cam I don't know what I would do. I love being able to see these girls smile at me all the time. It was a very sad goodbye when they finally had to leave. Many tears were going all around.
Ryan and My vacation budget is already growing very quickly so we can plan our next trip next year to see them.

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