Thursday, December 18, 2014

Utah in December 2014 part 2

Over the next few days I met up with my friend Malory. She was getting married on the 13th which I was so sad I couldn't make it to so we had to get together for a pre-wedding celebration. 
Visited Grandma Phillis, grabbed a drink (or 3 or 4) at my most favorite place Fiiz, and partied it up at Ryan's immediate family Christmas. We had the best steak and shrimp dinner. We did a little gift exchange where we all got some fun new things. Another project Ryan did recently is make Addi a doll bed for her new doll she was getting for Christmas. Again I drew what I thought it should look like, he built it and than I painted it. I also really stretched my sewing skills and made some bedding for it. All I can say is don't look to closely at it because its not perfect.
We watched the season finale of Sons of Anarchy which was so sad. We have all loved that show over the last several years.
We got to hang out with my Mom for a while. We visited Kenzie a few times, did some shopping and rode a Farris Wheel. We got to see our friends again and have a family date night at our most favorite restaurant Rodizio Grill where Tracker devoured an entire plate of black beans and another plate of pasta by himself. It was impressive.
Ryan and I both had to take turns going into work for a few hours during the week. I also got to have breakfast at one of my favorite places The Bakery with Allie, we handed out homeless bags (which I have the most amazing story to share later), Do a few other acts of kindness, drove around SLC admiring some of the sights, visiting my sister and her adorable kids. Tracker was over the moon to see his "Widdow". He talks about her all the time. It was great spending time with them. After her kids got home from school Amalie got herself a drink of water and I thought it was the funniest things who fancy she made it with an umbrella and how she came and sat next to me with her legs crossed. Someday I hope to be that sophisticated.
We were able to drop off a little Christmas to my sisters grave. Its a good hour and a half drive to her but the view along the way is amazing so its definitely worth it. My mom had planned a Christmas Cruise for anyone that wanted to come. This girl literally pulled a boat of 40 across a small river area by hand. There was a cable in the air that she drug us along. There were lights hanging all around the water and on the sides. Santa then canoed over to us and handed out candy. We got to the end and turned around and she pulled us back. We were packed in there like sardines but we had a blast. All the little kids had to wear life jackets on top of their coats which was kind of hilarious to see. 
We enjoyed iceberg ice cream one night with family which Tracker enjoyed a little too much!
Luckily we got to squeeze in a sleepover with Devlin and Teagan which was so much fun. Tracker misses them so much and loved spending some quality time together. Teagan lost a tooth that night so we tried to be good tooth fairies and left her a dollar. BUT apparently the tooth fairy is loaded now-a-days because Teagan said "She normally leaves $5!" Are you kidding me?! Sorry Tracker but your tooth fairy isn't leaving $5 a tooth. Oh well she was still happy with $1. 
My sister Lisa and her family were in town which made the week that much more special. 
The morning we headed back home it snowed a TINY LITTLE BIT. It was glorious though. I came to Utah in December hoping to see the snow but it was 50-60 degrees and sunny the entire time.
The drive home was a little more rough than the drive to Utah. It always is. We are all ready to be home and the 10+ hours drives us a little crazy.
Once again it was a great trip.
More posts to come on our last family party and Kenzie's Angel Day.

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Auntie EM said...

Adorable photos....looks like a lot of fun. I love the pictures you took from the cemetery and the beautiful sunset.


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