Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day

There is nothing better than seeing your child on Christmas morning. Seriously its magic. 
He was so excited to see what Santa brought. He ran down the hall and immediately went for the coaster. I knew he would and once he saw it I had the revelation that we should have hid that for the very end because what happened was he wanted nothing to do with anything else. 
I don't blame him. Ryan and I got to play with it for over a week in the garage before he saw it. We had to test it out and make sure it was safe :)
We spent the morning taking our time visiting, drinking pot after pot of coffee since someone didn't sleep well the night before, and soaked up every minute of the day. Tracker couldn't focus on anything but the coaster so he would open a present and run back to the coaster for a good 10 minutes before we could convince him to open another. It seriously took until lunch time. but we had no plans and no where to be. We stayed in jammies all day and let Tracker enjoy every second.
We made a big dinner and more treats. This time for our neighbors. 
The baking in the house was out of control this last month.
I loved spending the day with my Mom and having her all to ourselves.
We face timed with all our family which made the missing them a little better. Tracker was not interested in talking to anyone since he was once again too wrapped up in that coaster. When we made him take a break he was so upset until his cousin Lucy discovered the "big eye" trick and Tracker went nuts. She would put her eye right up to the camera and he would break out into a fit of laughter. He could have done that the rest of the day if he hadn't spotted that coaster once again.
We ended the night sending Kenzie some wish lanterns.
Sure miss that girl. There was not a moment we didn't wish she was right there with Tracker opening presents and having the best day ever. This would have been a fun year for her. I hope her Christmas with Jesus was more amazing than anything we could have given her.

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