Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving/ Santa/ Grandma & Papa

Grandma and Papa came to visit us for Thanksgiving this year.
We were pretty excited to have them all to ourselves.
They arrived Thanksgiving day. 
Ryan and I prepared a traditional feast for them and they brought the pies and rolls.
When they showed up Tracker ran out the door to great them which was pretty cute.
We spent the day eating, watching football and relaxing. We had so much food and were stuffed.
The day was beautiful and warm so Tracker got to spend some time outside on his playground, running around the yard and just enjoying the sun. Its been a while since we have had a day like that so it was heavenly.
We didn't end up doing any black Friday shopping which I didn't think I would miss but kind of did. I think going out can be more exciting than even buying sometimes. Oh well there is always another year. Friday morning we went to visit the carousel of dreams where Ryan won a free ride. Woohoo!
Then we headed to see Santa.
There is a place by us that has reindeer which Tracker loved. While we waited in line he was so excited to be looking at Santa. He was smiling and had no worry until it was his turn to sit on his lap. He walked up to him but when we put him on his lap he freaked out.
He was trying to get away but the lady taking the picture took forever so we had to keep putting him back on his lap which just pissed him off even more. It was still pretty hilarious to watch.
Ryan and Randy took him to feed the fish after which he loved.
We ran a few more errands before we headed back home.
We made dinner and played phase 10 for several hours. 
again eating our weight in left over snacks.
Saturday we went to Country Mercantile to get a few things for Christmas presents.
That evening we watched a movie and played phase 10 again until the wee hours of the morning.
Playing any game with Ryan's Dad is pure comedy. He is so competitive and often times cheats. Its always funny when we can catch him cheating because he starts laughing so hard he nearly cries which makes all of us laugh.
Sunday morning we took his parents to breakfast at a new place we found. Tracker had the absolute best time with them. He wouldn't leave them alone and was constantly asking for them to "Come here" and play with him. They read him books for hours, played on the floor with his trains for days. It was definitely a great visit for everyone.
When we had to say goodbye Tracker was NOT happy.
Luckily we only have to wait 5 days before we get to see them again.

My sweet Mama made sure to decorate my girls spot with the Thanksgiving stuff we sent her.
Tracker had fun coloring some presents for her. Sure wish I could be there decorating her spot myself. Maybe someday we will live close to her again.
We sent her Thanksgiving balloons but the wind was actually so strong when we sent them that I didn't get a good picture.

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Jane said...

I love your blog I've been reading for a long time and am always amazed by your attitude and positive out look, so thanks for sharing.

I read another blog frequently and thought you might want to share that cute little cowboy with this contest.

Thanks again, even though we don't know each other I'm so happy for you that you've found peace and happiness.

I wish you a happy holiday season.



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