Saturday, December 20, 2014

Makenzie's Angel Day #5

December 13th was the only day the entire week that was cloudy/rainy/snowy. Awesome!
That morning we met at Primary Childrens hospital to drop of
1781 pairs of Leggings and 148 Livi Monsters. 
That brings our total for this year to 2264 pairs of Leggings that have been donated to Seattle Childrens Hospital, Tri-Cities hospitals and Primary Childrens Hospital.
Which makes our total donation amount year to date since 2010 to 6104 pairs!!!!!
Can you even believe it?!
I can't begin to even find the words to THANK all of YOU!!! 
For your generous donation each and every year. Your 1, 2, 10, 25, or 1000 pairs of donations have NOT gone unnoticed. They have counted. They have made a difference. They have changed lives. 
6104 kids were able to be touched in a small way. They were able to have a small item keep them a little warmer and they were able to have an extra smile. 
This is huge and I am honored to be a small part of it.
My sweet nephew Tyler made stuffing the leggings this year his Eagle project. This kid is one in a million and I adore him. He has always had the kindest heart and so very genuine. He was so sweet with Makenzie and so eager to be around her when she was born. He loved her so so much. I was so touched when he wanted to make this his Eagle project. Seriously this kid knows the way to my heart. He really is the best. Through the second part of the year we gave all the leggings we collected and sewed to him. The beginning of December he got together with a crowd of people to stuff them all! I was amazed and touched when I heard how well he did. How he was able to direct and lead this group. How he made sure every package was just right. How he told the leggings story over and over so everyone could learn more about it. I wished so much I could be there but pictures had to do. I was so glad he came to the hospital to help deliver them as well.
It was a good group who went and supported us there. Every year being at that place is heartbreaking. Standing in the same spot we did 5 years ago and walking out the same doors without our little girl. It nearly does me in every single time.
After the hospital we drove around one of the cemeteries like we have done the past several years and looked at the deer. They always let you get ridiculously close which is amazing. Tracker loved seeing them. The same group went to Hires for lunch which is again the same place we have gone the last few years. We had Devlin and Teagan with us for the day so they were just another distraction and reason to smile. Ryan's niece had a dance recital that day which we were able to make. She did so good and the entire event was very cute. Seriously hard to sit though but we made it. Seeing girl after girl near Makenzies age dancing was really hard. What I wouldn't give to be one of those parents. Tracker was completely enthralled in it. I was shocked how he would watch every single dance and cheer so loud after it was done. It was right in the middle of his nap so I thought for sure he would be a beast but he did amazing. After the recital my mom requested to take Tracker on the Farris Wheel one more time so we quickly drove to the other side of town to meet her. I went with Devlin and Teagan and kind of regretted it. I don't do well with heights and this thing kept stopping and jerking and I swear I nearly fell out. After the traumatic ride (for me... everyone else loved it) we picked up the balloons. Thankfully Allie brought big red. I am not sure why we stopped having her bring that thing. It made getting the balloons to the cemetery a breeze.
By this point it was freezing out and raining.
I set up treats, hot chocolate, apple cider... 
Everyone was trying their best to write all the names on the balloons but with the rain it made it really difficult. Every name was said and written but some a lot fainter than others. I was really hoping the clouds would part for a while but no such luck.
Shaun was so smart and brought a heating lamp. Again not sure why we didn't think to do that in the past. It at least let people get a little relief from the cold. 
The 148 balloons were released perfectly. There was one balloon (of course Trackers) that didn't want to get off the ground. He was sooo upset. Screaming and crying until all the kids did their best to get it in the air. Finally it was able to float above the trees and took off. 
We brought out the lanterns and it was a major flop. I was soooo disappointed. 
Between the wind and rain they wouldn't light and fill with air like they are suppose to. We got only 2 lanterns to float and the rest never worked. You should have seen everyone trying with all their might to light those dang things, and try to get them in the air all while running and tripping throughout the cemetery. It was so not funny but hilarious at the same time. 
I felt bad for everyone who came that has never been because those lanterns are so amazing to watch.
I hope you all come back next year and that the weather is a little better.

We ended year 5. 
One more year down. One more closer to her.
I was so blessed and thankful for everyone who came.
Having all these people come year after year is like nothing I can describe. It means the world that she is remembered and loved. That we have so much support. We are so lucky.

Once again our list of names that went on the balloons grew. It makes my heart ache to add names as I know the pain those parents are in. I am sorry you had to say goodbye far too soon. 
If your child's name is listed please know that they are remembered. Their name is said. They are thought of and loved. We don't ever want you to feel alone. We hope you know they are apart of this day. We have prayed for them. and we hope they enjoyed a celebration with a few balloons. 

Hailey Elizabeth
Kaden Addington
Stephen Eric
Kamdyn Lilly
Charlotte Sophia
Paige Elizabeth
Rylee Ann
Charlotte Grace
Noah Callan
Daxton Matthew
Kris Matthew
Dax Royce
Avery Ann
Jake Alan
Jack Alexander
Cosette Rae
Lincoln David
Caleb Elijah
Jackson Burton
Evan Coburn
Gavin Charles
Evan Chandler
Gavin Jeffrey
Kamberlie Ann
Beatrice Ann
Mason Curtis
Holly Elizabeth
Scott Lincoln
Camille Kathleen
Emma Grace
Daxton Douglas
Kolby Jayden
Sidney Lee
Lucia Isabella
Myles Sherman
Morgen Bennett
Joy Elise
Esther Joann
Trinity Melinda
Bridget Lucille
Hannah Kate
Tanner D.
Cameron J.
Jacob Ephraim
Ella Paige
James Joseph
Isabelle Paige
Jada Adelle
Brigham Var Selle
Caydin Matthew
Paris Lavone
Evan Walter
Karleigh Ann
Mia Nicole
Ethan Snow
Dominic Angelo
Mia Nicole
Ainslee Ryan
Benjamin Mckay
Brynlee Belle
Jonas Mathie
Kael David
Kristen Kirton
Landry Gale
Maddox David
Maddie Paige
Maxie Leviss
Preslee Jo
Ruby Jane
Makenzie Rye
Craig Eli
Landon & Luke
Ashley Lauren
Ryker Michael
Whitney Gertge
Josiah Nygard
Joshua Lonati
Laila Shay
Gabriel Grant
Kolbie Mae
Trek Atlas
Corbyn D
Scarlett Victoria
Kenadee Elizabeth
Amelia LaRee
Jones Grey
Tess Alexandra
RJ White
Kyle & Joshua
Quincy Lee
Ollie Kai
Mia Marie
Miles Kelly
Jayci Lillian
Nate Ryan
Brookelyn Orchard
Haile Rae
Jesse Cruz
Evan Chase
Carter Mark
Collin creed
Carter Michael
Brent wimmer
Sadie Rager
Alex Nunez
Gustavo Jarquin
Jacob Elden
Corbyn C.
Kathryn Jane
Kian David

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