Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Utah in December 2014 part 1

This being our second year living away during the holidays. Even though it can be hard being away we are lucky enough to have been able to go home each December. We go mid month so we can be there for Kenzie Day. We drove this year which we worried about a bit because a couple of the passes can be horrible weather and closed. We got lucky and the weather was fine other than some serious fog. The first pass we went through was early evening and still light out but while in the fog it felt like it was dark. We came out and I took these pictures. It doesn't do justice as to how thick and dense the fog. We made it through and the rest of the drive went fairly smooth. 
We left mid day on Friday and got to Ryan's parents house around 2:00 am.
On Saturday we started out the day first thing with the Gallegos Family Christmas Party. This is Ryan's Mom's side of the family. We haven't been to this Christmas party since before we moved and haven't seen many of his cousins since then so it was great to catch up and see how big everyone is getting. Tracker had a ball meeting so many new people and playing non stop. The food was great and we chatted the morning up for hours.
Just like most our trips to Utah our days are packed with trying to see and do as much as possible. After the party we headed up to our friends house to deliver their Christmas gifts and visit. Ryan made Allie a bench for under her window which was kind of big so we wanted to get that to her right away so we didn't have to worry about storing it somewhere. Ryan has always been really handy but lately he has stepped it up a notch. He has been making different things all the time. Mainly completing my to do list... one of his latest creations aside from the bench was a closet for Emma's American Girl doll clothes. I drew what I wanted and he built it. It turned out really cute and we hoped she would love it. They SPOILED Tracker rotten by getting him a tool bench! He was over the moon and was so upset we wouldn't set it up for him right then and there. Poor kid had to wait until we got home. After we hung out for a bit we had to say goodbye for now.
We headed to the front runner (fast train) to meet with Ryan's family and head downtown for dinner and to see the lights at Temple Square. Tracker was in heaven watching and riding a Choo Choo. He continued to ask the rest of the trip to go again.
The lights were beautiful. We walked all around the block. Saw the Macy's Candy windows (all these displays of creations made solely of candy) and ate at the yummy Rio Grande. 
We had just missed the last front runner when we got back to the station so we had to wait an hour before the next one came. It was chilly but did our best to run back and forth and chase each other to keep warm. It was so fun to hang out and play with some of our favorite people. 
Sunday we were finally able to go see our girl. There are no words to express how I feel being able to be near her. Tracker loves it here as well. We brought her a sonic and we each had our own as well. It was such nice weather so we were able to stay a while.
That evening we had our Webster Christmas party with Ryan's Dad's family. It was fun seeing everyone and being able to visit with Ryan's Grandma especially. She gave us the best gift this year and gave every single couple the complete Rachel Ray casserole dish set. We were all so excited! She is the sweetest lady and we love her so much. Shaun, Easton, Ryan and Tracker had a little foot war. The boys thought it was hilarious and couldn't get enough. It went on for a long while and after a few too many pokes to the Dads eyes they stopped. The little boys turned their attention to Papa and gave him a run for his money tickling and wrestling him. You can tell Randy was in heaven the entire time. Those boys sure adore their Papa and Grandma.
Monday we met up with Aunt Mary to enjoy lunch at Red Robin and visit for a while. We had so much fun and really enjoyed our time. Mary has been through so much these past few months and is always a constant support for us and we hate not being closer to be more of a support to her. She is so strong and doing so well despite everything thrown in her path.
 Poor Tracker threw up in the middle of lunch which made him once again leave a restaurant with no pants. That happens far to often. You would think I would learn he still needs an extra change of clothes all the time. After lunch and after a quick stop at a store to get him a new outfit we got Ryan and Trackers hair cut. I went my separate way after that and went to an early dinner with my sweet friend Kely. I love being able to catch up with her and always wish our time lasted longer than a few hours. 
That evening we went to Alana and Ben's to stuff some more leggings, have dinner and hang out. Tracker was in HEAVEN. He had a permanent smile on his face the entire time. Between his favorite person ever Tyler consistently giving him balls, Ellie taking him all over and doing everything he asked and building forts and teaching him to do a cartwheel or Anna and Lucky bringing him other fun toys he was showered with attention. No one wanted to leave that night.

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Auntie EM said...

Those are such fun memories. Thank you for the sweet comments. I know you think of me often as I do you and your little family. It's always good to know someone is thinking of us and we know we have them in our hearts always. Love you Kendra.


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