Sunday, August 14, 2011

never a dull moment...

Want to see our latest "Great Event"???
Midget has been here. She is such a doll. We adore every inch of her and cant get enough of her spunky personality.  She has kept us busy with barbies, tea parties, coloring, tangled, tangled, tangled again, snacks, dwink, "I don't yike it", tears, cuddles, forts and "wheres kenzie"... 
She loves baths.
I have been doing some deep deep cleaning in our house. I decided to vacuum. I guess I took to long and  was making to many "to do lists" in my head because I didn't hear this girlie sneak out of my bedroom where she was watching toons and go into the bathroom.
I swear I was only vacuuming a few minutes when I hear a little scream "Kendra"
I turned off the vacuum and headed to my bedroom when I hear a weird noise. 
I must have been out of it because it took me a few seconds for it to register in my head that it was running water. 
I picked up the pace and darted into the bathroom.
I step in water.
She is standing there nude with her finger in her mouth saying...
"it was an ass-ident"
I turn off the water and grab towels.
I didn't get upset. To my surprise. I was more worried about what could have happened to her.
A bath tub full of water and a 3 year old don't mix well. The thought of her slipping, falling, unable to get up wouldn't stop running through my head. I let out most of the water but let her stay in and play for a minute while I finished cleaning.  We had a long talk after explaining how dangerous that is and how she needs to ask.  I call Ryan who asks a few questions about how much water, how long was it running, where did it go... From what I could tell at that moment we both agreed it wasn't too bad.

Well that would all be far to easy and stress free right!

Ryan got home about an hour later. Right before he got home I opened the door to go to the basement and saw water leaking from the ceiling.
Where it was leaking was about 5 feet from where the bathroom is upstairs. 
If its leaking that far from the source = not good news.
Ryan touches the ceiling near the leak...
His finger goes through.
He starts cutting holes to see where and how much is coming.

That little hole made me sick. Just thinking about replacing that.
Well as we got closer to where the bathroom is... The softer the ceiling was and the easier it was to put your finger through the sheet rock.
It all had to come down.

and as the ceiling came down, so did the water.
Ryan ended up pulling it all out.
It was all wet.


I stopped taking pictures after this and fed the poor girl who was very confused why we were taking the ceiling out and why there was water.  She didn't totally understand our talk earlier.


I know I shouldn't stress to much. Sheet rock isn't to terribly expensive.
It definitely could have been so much worse and Luckily my husband can fix anything.
It will be okay.
I asked him to get it fixed before hunting starts.
He will be leaving Thursday.
He promised it would be done.
He knows I'm anxious enough for him to leave period... He doesn't want to leave me without a ceiling as well.
Gotta love that man.


Presley & Charlotte Gleason said...

"assident!" HAHAAAA!! Oh my! She is adorable!! Presley when she was learning to drive her chair would run into our walls and base trim and tear it off the walls and say, "Uh oh, Presley no get walls..." Then she would bang something else and say, "Presley no get that either....uhoh." I learned to laugh it off cause no matter how sick it made me to replace it or see it destroyed, I was happy she was driving. Life is picking battles right? Dang, so glad Ryan can fix that!!!! You have a keeper!!!

Michelle said...

Oh no!!!! It's a good think your hubby can fix it! I would have had a heart attack!


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