Monday, August 15, 2011


Last Cabin Trip of 2011 with just the 2 of us.
Actually the last and only other time we went down there just the 2 of us was 2 years ago in June. I was about 35ish weeks pregnant with our little muffin.  I felt all fat and gross and couldn't breath. 
But we had an amazing time then. 

And we had an amazing time now.
I love having Ryan all to myself.
I am very selfish when it comes to that boy. I want his undivided attention :)
When I get a whole weekend... Man oh man... Its better than Disneyland!
I'm sure my husband would disagree. I am sure he gets a bit annoyed with my obsession with him.
Eh well.
He better live with it.
It was a great weekend overall and I only had a few emotional break downs.
For some reason this trip was harder than the last one.  Its my second time to the cabin since I was there with Makenzie but the last trip was good. This weekend. I couldn't believe how much I missed her.
I felt so dumb sitting there crying like a 2 year old. The kind where your whole face crinkles up, tears are the size of golf balls, you cant speak, you cant even move so you sit there all hunched over with your arms hanging to your side. Man my husband puts up with a lot. 
He would break the mood by trying not to laugh at me but laughing instead because... well... lets face it, wouldn't you?!
I would eventually start laughing at the thought of what I must look like and we would move on.

We got there Friday night and sat by the fire for a couple hours.
Of course we had to wake up at 4:00 am the next day to head over to the area Ryan will be hunting next week.  We had to find the big deer!
Ryan almost cried when he saw this guy.

Harley did to. She is so funny. She will bark and freak out when she sees a dog, cow, horse, motorcycle but when it comes to deer she knows to keep her mouth shut and sit still. 
She was pretty excited to be on the mountain- head out the window- staring at the big bucks.

We watched the sun come up. It was freezing and I was exhausted but I love those kind of moments.

*See the Elk*

Our morning drive lasted 6ish hours. 
We joked, went on scary trails, yelled at Harley for trying to jump out the window to attack a cow, found a bobcat, drank coffee out of big mugs, ate warm string cheese... laughed...

After our morning drive we stopped off at Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon to get some breakfast, say hello to Ryans cousin who works there and grab some misc. items we forgot (toothpaste- oops).
On our drive out of town back to the cabin we saw a huge antique sale. 
We stopped to see if there were any good deals. I guess the lady that owns the place got all her stuff from the Queen or something because this random white bowl that I swear I have one similar to was like $100. We looked at the rest of the crap antiques and headed out before we accidentally broke something and had to get a loan to pay for it.
 Once we got back to the cabin we went on a little walk, played with Harley, made sure she didn't come near a single rock and chopped wood.  
Then it was time to head back out.
We did lots of riding on the 4wheelers. LOTS. Hours and hours.
We found more deer, pretty views, amazing cabins, fun rivers to go through, logs to play on. 
Ryan went really fast. I held on for dear life.

*ahh, are these cabins not amazing... I wouldn't know how to keep them clean though*

As we were driving to town to grab a drink because it was like 150 degrees... I saw what appeared to be a fair.  I demanded Ryan turn that way and drive fast!
It was in fact Duck Creek Days and it was a fair!
We grabbed some lemonade, chuck wagon soda and people watched. 
You think the regular state fair is fun to people watch... Go to a SMALL town fair. wow.

For the rest of the day we went on a long hike
took a little nap
and started to watch Ryans favorite show 8 seconds.

In the midst of the busy day we discovered a creature in the shed
I seriously thought it was a raccoon or something. It sounded huge. It was shaking the barrel that it was in when it moved. I decided to take pictures thinking it would be this huge thing.
Ryan knocked it over and ran out. Harley was going crazy. She ran out chasing something. It was small. It came for me. I screamed. REALLY LOUD. I ran. Ryan laughed. Harley got it. Harley killed it. Harley tasted blood. I was sad. I cried. I made Ryan bury the poor creature.
What was the little thing? 
It was Alvin the chipmunk.

The evil killer...

The pictures leading up to the horrific scene...

Poor Alvin.

For the rest of the night we made dinner, dessert, had a drink, sat by the fire, watched a movie and had a very good nights sleep.

It was a very good weekend.
Cant wait to go back... Until next year.


caitlin and brinton said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun weekend! I love seeing so many cute pictures of your happy face. I am so glad you guys got to have such a nice weekend together... jealous! You saw so many animals, so cool.

Anonymous said...

Sounds so reminds me of a song by Keane called "Somewhere Only We Know." I love to remember those times...those places...where the person you love the most goes with you and it is "your" place, the place only those two people know about. I have been to "the Webster cabin" several times. It so beautiful there and I'm sure you and Ryan have many wonderful memories of that place. Cute pictures. Love you Auntie M


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