Monday, July 25, 2011

The teeth in our house

A few days before her procedure, Harley had her blood work and the initial visit and she immediately knew what was coming. She was not happy and wanted nothing to do with me for quite some time.

The day of her procedure we arrived early to get all checked in. 
She was on edge. 
Look at those bags under her eyes.  
She didn't sleep well the night before. 

We were both pepping each other up to get ready for our goodbyes. I took a final picture of her tooth.
I thought about having a tooth fairy kind of ceremony with it, but realized its a freakin dog and refused.
I didn't even want to see the thing after it came out.

She was there over 8 hours. Poor girl was so ready to come home. Her Dad picked her up.
We were reconnected and spent quite sometime on the floor loving each other up.

We have been pretty inseparable since. I have been babying her with chicken noodle soup for dinner every night. She cant eat her regular dog food for about 2 weeks. 
She has spent the majority of her days doing a whole lot of this....

But she is home, toothless and doing well. 

Now its time for my #2 root canal. I tried to wait as long as possible but lately its been killing me.
I finally had to get it done last week.
Remember my last root canal story... It was exactly the same except "Hot Doctor" was not hot this time. I was not very happy with him and so ready to never see him again in my life. 
Nothing personal but seriously I hate root canals!
I am doing fine and ready to start eating on the left side of my mouth again. Couple more weeks and ill get the crown and be good to go.

Harley went back for her check up and we found her mouth to be infected. 
and it didn't stop there. She also has a yeast infection in her ear.
So she is loaded up on antibiotics, ordered for soft caned food for a while longer and no playing.
She is so sad all the time.
I am so very sad too. I feel so bad for her.

Someday we will all be back to normal.

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brigette said...

Yuck!! I hate the dentist to.. I really need to go back but dread it so much. I hope both of your mouths heal quickly! Love ya girl


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