Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Party

Every year my Mom hosts her Summer party.  Everyone is invited but she really only cares if her grandkids come :)
She is such a fun Grandma to everyone of them and adores them each.
She always wants them to have a great time, get along and just be a bunch of crazy kids.
She is going on her #18th Grandkid right now, with that many you would think a few would be forgotten or left out. Never. Not with her.  She makes things for the older groups, middle groups, younger groups and babies. Some live out of state and she will make sure they feel apart of any activity by sending or saving little party favors for each of them. 
Its always an adventure what fun things she comes up with, Its funny to see who actually participates and its hilarious to see her join in the fun no matter what.
This year we had the summer bash a little earlier in the year which made it perfect for extra entertainment by lighting fireworks.
Grandma is Grandma and needs to be in bed at a decent hour so fireworks/festivities, whatever the occasion, happens while still light outside. 
Gotta love her. 

(long ago, I wrote about these 2 midgets. They are 3 months apart in age. I cant believe how big they are getting)

Water fights
Thanks for being the glue to hold this crazy family together mama.
You are the very very best!

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