Saturday, July 2, 2011

SMARD Guests

I usually go here when I have something to say.
Hard to explain that I just cant.
Life moves forward, challenges continue.
For everyone.
There is so much to say and I cant say it. I cant think it. Thank God Ryan is here. I have no idea where I would be without him. No here.
The good is hard to remember. It takes extra effort to see it.  I know there is good. I hate these lows.
I don't know what to do from here.

The only thing I know is I want to help. The only way I know I can help right now is through the MRW Fundraiser. Going to be putting my energy into that. No matter the outcome, That will always be good.
I have had a few SMARD Guests over at
You should read about those amazing babies... They really are incredible.
If you can help.
All money raised will be donated to The Jackson Laboratory.  Strictly for SMARD research.
This is amazing.  That is good.


Lisa F said...

Just touching base. You are cared about!

brigette said...

Praying, loving and always looking up to you. You are so strong. Im sorry your in a low... they are so hard and never expected they hit you so hard like a slap in the face... Im here for you Kendra any time any day!! love ya mama

Alesha said...

I am so happy I found your blog. We also live in Utah and are up at PCMC right now with our 6 week old who they think has SMARD. Thank you for sharing your story.

Julia said...

Been following for some time now Kendra. Wanted to let you know you are often in my thoughts & prayers & are always in my heart. Your writing is phenomenal. You are such a beautiful person with a glowing soul. I have learned so much from you Kendra. Stay true to who you are & know you are touching hearts, souls, lives.... It is an honor to have a glimpse into who you are. In times of happiness, you make me laugh with your stunning sense of humor, or in times of despair, I hold my heart in my hand and sob along with you. I grow a little as a person every time I have the joy of being a tiny blip in your life. You make me want to be a better person; I am humbled. Big hugs precious girl! ~Julia

Brooke said...

Kendra, I don't see contact info for you but I noticed you have a list of MRW's "friends" and I know of one you might want to add. Or maybe you know all the people on the list personally but here's the link to another if you would like to check it out.

NM said...

I just wanted to say your sweet girl is precious! My heart aches for you as I lost my son as well...

Thinking of you!

NM said...

I love the MRW idea and writing it all over the place. I am thinking of donating to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation...TK didn't pass away from being preemie but he WAS one and so was I. He had a rare metabolic disorder...still waiting autopsy results...


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