Monday, July 25, 2011

2 years old

How has it been so long since the first day you took your first breath. 
How has life changed in such a short amount of time.
How is this life our new normal.
How is it possible to love someone so much.

I cant tell you how much you mean to me, how incredibly blessed I feel to have you as mine.
You are the reason I get up everyday. You are the reason I want to do good. You are what keeps me sane in this life. You are why I want to better the world. So others can see how precious life is and how the very unexpected can happen to the most unexpected people. That we should live everyday seeing the good. Living for our reasons in life. Even though you are not here. I am still living for you. For you and for your Dad. You two are the answers to every one of my questions. 

Oh Makenzie. I wish I could have held you on your birthday. I wish I could have made a cake for you to eat. I wish I could have bought you toys and clothes instead of just books to read to heaven.
As much as I wish all these wishes. I know you are still living. I know that you are still real. That this isn't over. That you didn't end. I am living so one day I can hold you and celebrate your 1st and 2nd birthdays with you. That every one of my wishes will come true. I know God has given you an incredible life. A life I could never dream of for you. I would have died trying, but it would have always been trying. Now you have it. You have the life I have dreamed for you. 
Ill put away my selfish wishes and just sit back and Thank God he has you right now. 
Thank him for giving you that life.
I was given the best gift I could have ever asked for 2 years ago. 

 Thank you for being there. Always.
Listen to my prayers. I hope you can feel the love I have for you.
Lets dream together tonight.
Lets dream of your 2nd birthday.
Ill meet you there.
I love you to infinity... and more...

I love you Muffin
Love Momi


crystal said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie!!! You have a really great mommy and daddy who love you so much. They are doing everything that they can to share the love that they have for you with everyone. Because of you and your mommy, lives have been touched and changed. Wish you could be here to celebrate your big day with you family. Sweet dreams sweet Angel. I hope you got everything you wanted for your birthday. Maybe my Angel gave you the best gift of all. Can't wait until the day we all meet again and can share all of your birhdays together. Happy Birthday!!!!

brigette said...

Beautiful as always. You make it look so wonderful. I know she feels your love. You are an amazing mama!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post Kendra! I know Kenzie was there with you, enjoying all the love being showered upon her on her 2nd birthday. I too wish she was in your arms, eating her cake and running around for you to see...but I have no doubt she had an incredible birthday in Heaven! I think the way you are looking at things is remarkable, I know some days better than others right?!
Kenzie, your Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much and so do all of "us" out here!! You have touched so many lives and your parents continue to share your story and your life with so many. The lives you are touching is incredible!
Love and hugs, Em

Alerie said...

You always do such a wonderful job of making her feel so special. You and Ryan are amazing parents. Happy Birthday Sweet Makenzie!!

Anonymous said...

I love that whenever I read your posts I can feel the love you and your husband have for Makenzie. And I have never met you. Thank you for sharing all of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It really has changed my life.

Monica said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!


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