Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kenzie Day #15

Kenzie Day #15 = Kites at the park

It was the most perfect day. The weather was sunny with a slight wind. We had treats and ran around till we wore ourselves out.  Our Kenzie Day's will be toned down a bit this year but just about everyone came this month. It was so nice to see everyone we love and be surrounded by our Kenzie.

We kissed our balloons and sent them away.
I sure was wishing I was running after my baby, catching her as she went down the slide and throwing her high in the air helping her fly. I hope she is playing in heaven. I hope she is getting all those fun park days and I cant wait to have those days with her myself.
Love you my baby. Thinking and missing you every second,


crystal said...

I bet she is having the time of her life. Maybe she has found my little Angel and they are running around together. I am so glad that God gave you beautiful weather to celebrate her day. I know its hard seeing others with little ones, knowing that yours is not with you anymore. I have two little boys now that I love so much but there is still a part of me missing. Praying that you have a great day tomorrow!!!


Emma said...

What a beautiful day! I know you wish she was here, so you could just be in her presence enjoying the park, the kites etc. but I know she is doing all those things and more. I know she is still so proud of you for doing them too. I know that although you love the kids in your life it must be so tough sometimes to see them but you do it, and you do it with such grace and love and it is just one more reason you are an inspiration. Love and hugs to you, Ryan and Kenzie. Em

Tracy said...

Hey Kendra! Thanks so much for your nice post on my blog..I really appreciate it! You are too sweet! I seriously love all your posts. I think everything you do to keep your precious Kenzie's little spirit alive is so awesome and you do such a great job at it. She is so with you, always and forever! I was thinking I also can't help but notice so many similarities between you and your hubby, and myself and mine! I hope ya keep in touch!
Lots of love!


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