Monday, March 7, 2011

dog update

i think you can tell by now our dogs are our kids.
we love our harley to pieces.
she has been with us for quite sometime.
last year we got our super adorable puppy milo.
he is such a ham. we loved him so much and had a total blast with him.
but we are moving and milo was turning into a horse.
we knew we couldn't keep 2 big dogs so milo found himself a new home with ryans friend who has turned him into the most spoiled, loved dog in the world. and he is now well over 120lbs!
i told you... he turned into a horse.
but we sure miss him and that puppy face.

so harley is actually a much happier dog when its just her. i think her anxiety went through the roof for that half a year. between the loss of makenzie, her parents being total cry babies all the time and a new puppy in the house. she was put over the top. in the last few months she has calmed way down and is such a snuggle/lap dog. and i cuddle her for hours. we are best buds. 
milo is busy hunting in the mountains while harley is laying on the furniture wrapped in her pink fleece blanket! both are so very spoiled.
so there is the update.
milo is happy.
harley is happy.


Candace said...

Such cute puppies! Makes me want to get one :)

Alerie said...

Dogs are the best!! And both of them are so cute!!


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