Friday, March 4, 2011


its friday... its friday... its friday
i sure love me some fridays.
not so sure what to write. geesh. i have had writers blog block this week.
i want to get on and tell you great things or update you on something new. but we are a bit boring and i have nothing to update. i could tell you we are no closer to selling our house :(
if you know someone looking to buy please send them our way. its a super cute townhouse in a great neighborhood. and if you buy it... ill make you cookies every sunday for a year!
i might also tell you this semester is almost half way over. and oh my i couldn't be happier. i haven't been really "into" this semester. i study. i am trying. i have been doing good so far. but im just not excited about it like i have been in the past and my focus has not been on school. i need to get through that quick!
some other random updates are... ryans hair line is receding at a fast past. the poor boy. i was once in denial. fearing i would soon be staring at myself in his shiny head but alas i have come to terms with his old age and the fact that im probably responsible for 97% of that hair loss. so this last weekend we had him cut it.. super short. im one that if your going bald. just go bald. don't let the process drag out until you have a mear 4 hairs. luckily he has a very nice shaped head so the bald look isn't to bad. no matter what i would still think its sexy and want to kiss the top of his head every day.  speaking of ryan. we spent a greater part of last night on facebook. yes he finally got a facebook account. and he is like an old man using it. holy moly. he kept getting so frustrated because he would be pushing buttons and not know where he ended up. with time he will learn. i am sure i have created a monster.
AND 28 short days we will be living it up in seattle! woo woo... i can hardly contain my excitement. i have been away from my brother and his girls for far to long and this trip is so needed.


The Pachuilo Family said...

Sorry I don't leave many comments, but just wanted to say have fun in Seattle and if you are ever bored I would love to have you over for dinner or something while you are up in Seattle. Where does your brother live exactly?
This is Ashle (Higbee) by the way, I am good friends with Jill since high school. (Which I am sure you already know, silly me.)

Emma said...

I have come to believe boring isn't always a bad thing....maybe that is because we also have many "boring" uneventful weeks with not much worth noting but I try to think of it as a good thing! :-)
I am sure you will have a great time in Seattle, it is just nice to get away, be in a different scene for a is nice for that little break from the reality of all the day to day jobs to do! I know you will have a great time visiting fam too!
Thinking of you and Good luck to you Ryan on your Facebook adventure!! Hugs, Em


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