Tuesday, March 15, 2011


oh what a weekend
we had some visitors
we were pretty excited
I talked a little about how we are linked for life HERE

they came on friday afternoon. only got a little lost. but made it. it was great to see them. hug them. and hold those babies. its only been a month since we have seen them but it sure felt like longer. they have grown so much i couldn't believe it. ms rylee was not so sure of me most of the time. so i played it safe and kept a good hold of that ryland. i was a bit selfish and could have just kept them all for forever.
friday night we hit the mall and did some serious shopping.
the boys stayed home with the babies and cooked dinner.
the girls stayed out a while and spent a good amount of money.

living planet aquarium
waiting an hour for a burger
scary monkeys that followed us
gift shops
baby zuri the elephant
thinking of becoming a zoo keeper
play ground
stinky city smells
lovin on babies
perfect weather
posin queen
crazy crowds
shrimp being thrown at keelie SEVERAL times
mary kate and ashley
harley taking advantage of the monkey

It sure was a great little vacation even though we didn't go anywhere.
Are these babies not the cutest things ever!
They both have such fun personalities and are totally different.

casual low key day
coffee and hot chocolate over load
hair do's
mary kate and ashley
sleepy baby
inside out burger
trying to keep keelie for forever

They are only 1.5 hours away. I think we will be seeing them a bit more.
because I cant stay away.

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