Monday, March 14, 2011

angel painting

i took this picture on my way home from school the other night.
i almost got in a car accident trying to take it while still maintaining my 80+mph speed.
(don't worry, the cop that pulled me over wednesday made me rethink my excessive speeds)
i was driving home after a particularly annoying night in physics which came after a very sick day at work which followed my really- not so good- math test early that morning
i looked over and saw this sunset.
 it literally took my breathe away and i couldn't turn away.
(insert fumbling through my purse for my camera, taking a picture, not looking at the road, 80mph, almost driving into the cow field)
angels painted it.
there is no other explanation for something so beautiful.
oh those angels of ours. painting beautiful sunsets making me almost crash into innocent cows.
i sure hope my makenzie is loving nights like that.
i love her giving me simple little reminders that she is so here.


carley said...

she SO is! I think more than you think or feel. I think about you often, and maybe thats weird coming from a stranger, but you and your beautiful baby girl have change my life and the way I think about life and plan my future. I hope school isn't stressing you out too bad. it's my spring break and thank gooooodness it is!

Chels said...

Beautiful Sunset, for sure a creation from our angels above. Hope all is going well for you and ryan.


The Johnson Crew said...

I love it!! Sunsets remind me of Landry too!
I hope you are feeling better.


Alerie said...

Simply beautiful!!


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