Thursday, March 10, 2011

coming up...

oh have i ever been sick! who gave me this nasty bug?
its still lingering and I cant get it outa here.
body aches
head aches
nose aches
ear aches
throat aches
it all aches.
but i got up and went to work. i had to. or else.
i also had to update you because we have some exciting things coming up!

you will have to tune into to keep up to date with the details!

In July we will be hosting our second annual Live, Laugh, Breathe event!  This one will be a 5k run/walk. I haven't been able to nail down the location yet but that will get done shortly-- IM ON IT! But in the meantime, lace up those shoes so you can come out and join us!

We will be holding a mini fundraiser sometime in the august/september area to raise money for our tree!
A tree we will be decorating and donating to the Festival of Trees to raise money for primary children's hospital.  We were so very blessed to have a wonderful group of girls decorate one in honor of Makenzie last year that we couldn't imagine not passing along that love.  I already know the theme of the tree and I cant wait to get started on it!

...and last but NOT least. we will be collecting baby leggins again!!!  This was a huge task last year but we seriously had so much support and love with that project we couldn't end it now.  So we will once again be taking any and all legging donations to PCMC on December 13 2011.
There is a little change to the leggings project this year--- I want to make sure YOU ALL get a little recognition and support for all your hard work. SO when you are making your leggings, whether in a group or on your own... Take some pictures! I would like to ask you to be a guest blogger on if you would like!  It will be a great way to get to know all of the amazing people who are making such a huge difference!

What a year it will be :)

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Emma said...

What a busy, exciting year!! I hope you feel better soon, there are some nasty bugs going around and I hope it doesn't last too much longer. Can't wait to see all the exciting projects going on!! Hugs, Em


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