Tuesday, March 15, 2011


okay so im going to be a bit of a nerd right now and give you a glimpse of how crazy and embarrassing i really am.
i have to say this mainly because i totally fell in love with something so very very silly and spent 2+ hours a week invested in this. how could i not document such important things?
what is it about reality tv?
this morning all i have been able to think about is.... the bachelor....

you heard me right.
please please... i know there are so many other things in life to think about but, i love this show.
i never watched it before his season mainly because i thought it was so dumb. so un-real. and just blah.
i don't even know how i happened upon getting this on my dvr but the webster house has been addicted.
yes even ryan.
we rushed home late last night and had to find out who brad picked.
chantal o or emily.
i have been in love with emily since the beginning. i knew she would be around for a long while.
and he picked her! and it was beautiful. and i had goose bumps... and i almost cried.
it was magic :)
but then it was over and im realizing how this really is... not reality...
im refusing to watch another season. i seriously cant waste 2 hours a week watching that thing. totally falling for strangers and then it ending.
so this was the one and only.

oh brad and emily.
please get married and be happy and have beautiful babies.
to all of you, please don't judge me.
im not always crazy.


Marti said...

I tell myself every season I won't watch...but it ALWAYS sucks me in!!!

crystal said...

I love watching it too. I have only missed one season. Now there are some seasons that I didnt watch every episode but its on ABC's website so you can go watch it if you missed it. And I agree with you, I loved Emily. She was the only one who wasn't a cry baby and she didn't talk about the other girls. She was the mature one of the whole house. I have so much respect for her and her morals. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I watch it too. DId you watch After the Rose? It was so sweet seeing the couples who have gotten married and are still together. It lets you know that this is real life and some go on there for the right reason and that is to find True Love!!!

Emma said...

I'm hooked too, yep, Bruce and I both watch it and although I do love Emily I wasn't surprised at all that they are struggling....but, in real life, it isn't always easy so maybe in the end they will come out on the other side....we can hope for them anyway!
Love that you admit your "guilty pleasures", there are so many of us who 'get it' too!! Hugs, Em

Alerie said...

I'm hooked too (My husband watches with me too) and she was definitely my favorite!!


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