Friday, May 7, 2010

its all in the name

So how did we choose HER name?
Makenzie Rye Webster
Kenzie Rye
Ma Ma
Ma Ma Rye
Much to my dismay- picking a name for my daughter was NOT fun.
I hated it.
Trying to figure out the name everyone would know her by.
A name that would set the tone of her life.
Something that was girly but not to girly.
something that was young yet old.
Something she could be called if she was a doctor, lawyer or real estate agent.
Something her friends could call her.
A name boys could whisper about.
A name that would stand out.
A name that fit her.
Oh this was a challenge.
We threw around
....and the list goes on and on....
we were pretty set on a couple names a few different times
but it never stuck
out of the blue
i read a baby name book
i started listing off this name or that name
thinking of things like
and although it would be nice to know your daughter wouldn't need to change her name if she became a show girl in vegas- i just didn't think diamond webster would fit.
(no offence to those named zaphra,caspy,diamond,jewel or if you are a vegas show girl)
while searching through those names we came across
I liked it, didn't love it.
Then we started playing with the spelling.
We were set on MCKENZIE until the week before she was born.
then i changed it.
I even had MCKENZIE put on a name plate in her room
(its now in the closet)
I was doodling- like usual- and couldn't seem to make MCKENZIE work.
I wrote
Now her middle name...
I wanted to name her Ryan after- well, her Daddy.
Ryan didn't think our little girl was a Ryan and he refused to believe his name could be used for a girl. So we compromised on it being her middle name.
Makenzie Ryan
didn't sound right.
It was changed to MakenZie RyE
And its perfecT
It fit her perfect. She was a Makenzie Rye from the moment I set eyes on her.
I love her name and really don't think ill think of one more perfect.
IF we ever have another child and its a boy. We always have loved the name
**yes he will be a rocker**


Holly said...

I was drawn to you immediately when I stumbled upon your blog because my niece is Makenzie Ryan. I'm happy to hear the story of how you came up with your Kenzie's name. Your strength continues to inspire me, Kendra.

AJ and Cindy said...

I love hearing how people choose their child's name! Sounds like you put a lot of thought into her beautiful name, it is one that has and will mean so much to so many people!

Jenni said...

I love the name Makenzie Rye! I love the picture off to the right side of your blog with the red and white bow. She looks just like a Makenzie Rye! That happened naming our first boy too. We couldn't figure out what we would be able to call a little boy for the rest of his life. Then, one day, my husband was watching none other than Sports Center, and heard the name Trevan. He immediately fell in love with that name. But I kept turning it down because I'd spell it Trevon, Treven, and Trevin. It just wasn't him. Then one day I was doodling (just like you) and I wrote Trevan. That was it! I called my husband from work and told him that Trevan was the name! He was so excited.
Anyway, sorry, I didn't mean to go off on my own story, your naming struggle just reminded me of our own naming issues. And...I've already written it so I'm not deleting it now. :)
Hope you're having a good day (or a day that's better than most). Thinking of you today! ;)

Emma said...

Thanks for sharing how you came to name your precious baby girl, I love it! I love that you love Ryan so much that you wanted to name her after him, what a special honor for him!! I think, no, I know, you chose the perfect name for your girl. A name full of love, full of strength, uniqueness, purpose....just like Kenzie is!! I hope today was a day filled with moments of peace, lots of love and of course, many smiles. Hugs, Em

Cox Family said...

I love her name and if I am ever blessed with a beautiful little girl of my own I already have decided on Ella and I LOVE Makenzie for a middle name. I hope she would be as beautiful and as brave as your Makenzie!

Alerie said...

You know that I love Makenzie's name and how you chose to spell it. It was nice to here how you came up with it. I think you picked the perfect name for her. I had always assumed that Rye was after Ryan and I thought that was so cute and so special. To sum it up, perfect name for the most perfect little baby girl!!

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

I know the feeling Stephan and I are trying to name this baby, the first name has got to fit perfect with the middle name. And Ive been doing the same thing lol. I love love the name Makenzie and I love the how you named her after her daddy so sweet :)! Love yah havent heard back from you in a while hope all is well!

Kristen said...

Thinking about you today. Hoping that you will find some kind of peace in knowing that you are an amazing mother that continues to honor her daughter every single day.

Happy Mother's Day.

Lots of hugs,


Gaspegirl said...

We too had difficulty naming all of our children... it is an important job! I think that you did a great job... she was a perfect MakenZie Rye!

Stacy said...

I have commented on Makenzie Rye's name many times - to my friends! I love her name, and how close her name is to my daughter's - Kenzington Rian, aka Kenzee Rian.


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