Monday, May 24, 2010


a couple weeks ago we had our adorable niece and nephew come stay with us.
They are to cute for words.
we love having them around.
that weekend we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and do something fun.
i have been wanting to go to the zoo for a year now.
i have been dieing to see the baby elephant ZURI.
= madness
we had a great time but it wasn't done easily.
we had to park up the mountain, around the block and in some neighborhood and walk like 5 miles back to the parking lot- it was so busy and crowded - it got really warm hauling around 4 kids - they got cranky - they got hungry - the train line was a bit to long - we only brought 1 stroller - their legs got tired - our arms got tired - devlin was done holding hands...
it was also sunny - we laughed at the funny animals - we didn't go into the bug building (which i prefer) - we saw all my favorite animals - they got cool souvenirs - we rode the train - we brought at least 1 stroller - we got to carry the kido's when legs got tired - the animals were pretty active - the baby elephant was adorable - the girls were best friends - we ran down hills and hiked back up others - the peacock shook its tail feathers - we ran - we smiled - we played on the playground - and i got A time...
i have to admit, i thought about makenzie the whole time. i just imagined her brady's size (ok a little smaller) i imagined her smiling at the craziness of her mom. me trying to get her to look at all the animals and experience the amazement of the zoo. the hardest part was the gorillas. i love them and wanted her to see them so bad. i know she was with us but i just wish i could have seen the look on her face. good thing these guys kept me on my toes and smiling!



Anonymous said...

You just keep smiling, honey, even if you don't feel like it sometimes. Those smiles are for Kenzie. I know she can feel your joy and it will make her smile, too. I know every day isn't fun and enjoyable but glad those days come along. Love you.
Aunt Mary :)

Emma said...

So glad you had a nice time, kids are good for putting a smile on your face even on the darkest of days. I know you know Kenzie was with you and did see the gorillas, but I know that isn't any consolation when you want her to "be there" with you...but I hope in those moments you feel her holding you a little tighter, helping you to smile and imagine her bright eyes loving it with you. Hugs, Em

AJ and Cindy said...

the pics of the elephants are so cute, they are one of my favorite animals to watch at the zoo. Looks like you had a lot of fun! You look so pretty in that last picture!

Alerie said...

I love the zoo!! That baby elephant is so cute. I know Kenzie was there with you too and she enjoyed every minute of it. She is with you every place you take her. You are such a good mommy and auntie!! Much love!!

Robin said...

I love going to the zoo! I'm jealous!


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