Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Other Blog

Since I will be linking projects/events to MRW Live, Laugh, Breathe for the rest of my life :)
I decided to start a separate blog for it.
All updates, news- anything regarding MRW Live, Laugh, Breathe will be on that blog.
You should stop by for a visit!
The AmaZIng TARA created the site. She did a fabulous job.
Thank you so much TARA. I love it!
Make sure to grab our button and link it with your blog.
Spread the world about MRW Live, Laugh, Breathe.
Spread the word about our leggings project and the event in July.
You can get to it by clicking on my button to the right.
The address is:


brigette said...

dumb question I know but how do you grab your button? Id love to add it to my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Under the button there is a code that says grab our button. U will then add on ur layout a HTML gadget. Cut and past the code in the HTML gadget and click save! U have to go to the livingformrw blog to get the code.thanks for adding it!

brigette said...

Perfect!! It worked. I added a little post to my blog with Kenzies picture. I hope you dont mind but I wanted to spread the word. I think what you are doing is AMAZING!! Sending many hugs today!


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