Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday - BEN!!!

(This is a pic of my brother after he was talking smack and I gave him a piece of my mind... we don't like to talk about it though)

Although its Nov 3rd in SLC UT...
Its almost Nov 4th in Seoul Korea....
Half way around the world is my incredible brother Ben and he is celebrating his birthday!

Happy Birthday TO you Happy Birthday TO you Happy Birthday To BENN... Happy Birthday to You...
Boy Oh Boy do I miss you Brother. I think about you on a daily basis and pray for you and your beautiful family. I couldn't imagine my life without you. You have taught me so much and continue to be my example. You work harder than anyone I have ever known and never complain. You are and forever will be my Hero.

Here is a little note from your newest niece.

I'm so very excited to meet you in less than a year now. My Mom talks about you on a daily basis and we sing this song that teaches me about you and my cousins. I get so excited when I see your pictures that are in my room. I smile so big and sometimes I let out a squeal. I am still a bit upset with my Mom for not taking me to Korea for Christmas- that's really all I wanted but she has promised me a trip next summer to wherever you might be. She even said we would stay a few weeks! I sure hope you have an amazing birthday and you do something just for you. From what my Mom says your the most giving person in the world and I hope you take one day for you. I love you so very much!
Give my cousins a kiss from me- It needs to be a slobbery one though :)
Love Makenzie Rye...

Yeah he is that big! hehe, he is in front of a regular size truck in Korea

His beautiful Family...
Ben, Donna, Bitna, Mina, Yuna and Myunglim

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